Sunday, May 13, 2012

Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs Reviews

The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs has NOTHING but 5-star reviews.  That's usually a tip-off that something is not right with the school.  Further investigation provided the following:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs: NXIVM hotspot? 

First; A women contacted me about her experience in The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs. She said that she felt so pressed to take NXIVM classes, both from other parents and from school administrators that she pulled her daughter out and enrolled her in my old alma mater Catholic Central{Old St.Peter’s in my day}. She then asked if I knew anything about it, which I must say I didn’t.

Second; Coincidentally someone who is close to me and that I care deeply about asked me what I thought about the school because her granddaughter was thinking of going to their preschool.

Before NXIVM was done with her, she had lost her husband, who was forced to defend himself against ridiculous NXIVM Black Ops allegations, her piece of mind and the respect of the community. So why am I bringing this up? DeeDee at least on the Waldorf School website is still listed as a high school teacher, although she is the only staff member not to have biographical information available.


Secrets of NXIVM

In a Saratoga County townhouse complex, a man who wears a Jesus beard and seeks to patent his philosophies keeps a cluster of adoring women at his side. He has drawn more than 10,000 people to his mission of ethical living. But some disciples say he has delivered a much darker reality.




  1. I have a very recent experience with this school and although the NXIVM people are still around, they are few and quiet about it. What they are and don't admit to though is a religious school. A Christian school as a matter of fact, so unless that is what you are looking for, I would avoid all but the kindergarten programs. All of the grades start every morning with a chanted prayer to God. Most of their plays mention him or pray to him. The Old Testament, Saints Stories and the Bible (taught as history!) are used as curriculum. This wouldn't bother me if they were not so shady about it. They completely deny it to the point of saying "we leave religion to the home" on their website! In their interviews they say things like "oh, we have a few songs or plays that mention it", which is a total lie. These people are Anthroposophists, and are recruiting.

  2. Keith Raniere, the "leader" of NXIVM, has been in jail for several months and will be on trial, probably sometime in 2019. For more information, the best source is


You may ask, "where are all the 5=Star reviews?" Well, the problem with those reviews is that many tend not to be too honest. I have included 4-star reviews that appear honest. Often, gushing reviews are placed by teachers and administrators - as some comments here indicate. "This school educates the whole child!!!" - 5 stars - by Anonymous... I say baloney! Notice, many of the reviewers have been misled by Waldorf and are still buying the PR, even after having been disappointed. Feel free to comment but understand the intent of this blog. Comments are no longer moderated.