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Sanderling Waldorf School
Horrible! Our experience was really sad and disheartening. My daughter who was 2 at the time got hurt several times (in one day) by the same little boy, he pulled her hair several times, ran her over on a tricycle and tried to push her off the play structure - with neither the teacher nor his mother saying anything. He also did that to several other kids.
When I finally said to the boy : " It's not o.k. to hurt others" and stopped him from pulling her hair, once again, his mother yelled at me and the teacher said I wasn't handling the situation well (!!!!!) and  we should avoid the boy the next time.
Their theory is that the kids will figure it out on their own.  That might work for strong and confident kids but the shy and timid and gentle ones are definitely without any protection and are getting hurt over and over again.
I do not recommend this school because it doesn't teach children to not hurt each other and protects bullies.
I know of two more cases at this school where children got continually picked on and their parents decided to enroll them in  different schools.
It makes me sad to see a good philosophy being taught in such distorted way!
89% White students. 0% Black students.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Waldorf Teacher Dies after colliding with Charter School Bus

Here's a story about a Waldorf teacher who had her mind on other things... and turned right into a charter school bus.

BELFAST, Maine — A woman who apparently drove into the path of an oncoming charter bus on U.S. Route 1 in Belfast Saturday evening has died, police said. Chief Michael McFadden has not identified the woman, who was in her 50s.

Witnesses told officers that it looked like the woman driving the car turned left from Northport Avenue into the path of the bus, which was traveling north on U.S. Route 1.BELFAST, Maine — A woman who apparently drove into the path of an oncoming charter bus on U.S. Route 1 in Belfast Saturday evening has died, police said. Chief Michael McFadden has not identified the woman, who was in her 50s.

Witnesses told officers that it looked like the woman driving the car turned left from Northport Avenue into the path of the bus, which was traveling north on U.S. Route 1.

BELFAST, Maine — The woman killed Saturday night after her car was hit by charter bus on Route 1 was a teacher who spent the last day of her life getting ready for the start of the next school year.

Jayashree Kalmath, 61, of Camden apparently had been turning left onto Route 1 from Northport Avenue when she drove into the path of the bus, police said. It took rescuers more than an hour to cut her out of her crumpled Subaru, and by the time she was freed, weather conditions grounded the LifeFlight helicopter that had flown to get her. She was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor by ambulance for medical treatment, but did not survive.

Kalmath, originally of India, had taught at the Ashwood Waldorf School in Rockport for five years. That school is unique in that teachers progress through the grades along with their students, so she had taught her class since they were in the first grade, according to Laura Purdom, public relations and marketing director at the small school.

Laura Ferris - truthfully LYING about Waldorf
Waldorf preschool
"They were teaching them things, but in such a way that the kids didn't even know they were learning."

Pete Karaiskos SEPTEMBER 07, 2013 | 5:37 AM
My comment: Pete Karaiskos SEPTEMBER 02, 2013 | 7:17 AM I know Waldorf... I know Ms Ferris and Highland Hall quite well. "They were teaching them things, but in such a way that the kids didn't even know they were learning." This doesn't even begin to say it all! Waldorf is the missionary arm of Anthroposophy - something this article doesn't seem to mention. The "Waldorf method" IS teaching Anthroposophy to children covertly - so they don't realize they're learning it. And you know who else doesn't realize they're getting Anthroposophy? Parents! Parents buy into the "Waldorf" appearance, and admittedly, some Waldorf ideas sound great - like no computers in the classroom... until you realize the reasons for this have nothing to do with education and everything to do with Anthroposophy. The devil of all things mechanical is Ahriman. Children become "Ahrimanic" when they enjoy mechanical things or or (get this) too intellectual. If this sounds like a good system to you... if putting your child with people who can't be honest about why they do what they do sounds right... then Waldorf may be a good fit. Please read The Waldorf Review for the insights of parents who tried Waldorf only to find out what I have said is true.
Margaret Sachs SEPTEMBER 02, 2013 | 12:31 PM
Despite the fact that I like Laura Ferris as a person, I can't keep quiet about the fact that her article is a puff piece written by an Anthroposophist about Anthroposophy schools. When my husband and I enrolled our first child at Highland Hall, I was told Anthroposophy is not a religion and is neither in the curriculum nor in the classroom. So what a surprise I had when I was invited to join my second child's kindergarten birthday celebration to see my child as the centerpiece of a reincarnation ritual. Oh well, I thought, it's harmless, and I've always been open to the possibility of incarnation. We saw a lot of odd things over the many years our children were at Highland Hall, but there always seemed to be some sort of acceptable explanation for them. Parents who pulled their children out in anger over one thing or another were, I thought, failing to communicate properly with the Anthroposophists who run the school. Then, one of our children had a horrible experience that made us realize other parents who had left the school in anger probably had good reason for it and, if their experiences were anything like ours, a breakdown in communication with the Anthroposophical faculty was not the fault of those parents as I had previously thought. By then, the Internet was part of our lives. We went online and discovered that Rudolf Steiner was a crackpot occultist and not a scientist as was touted. He designed Waldorf schools to spread Anthroposophy and instructed Waldorf teachers to deceive parents about the role of Anthroposophy in the classroom. We learned the ridiculous occult reasons behind so much of what went on in the classrooms. We realized the real reason there were no textbooks. We realized what we perceived as weakness in the academics was no accident. We realized how many red flags we had ignored. We learned that huge numbers of people in other parts of the U.S. and in other countries shared experiences like ours and had discovered the deception of Waldorf PR.

Green Meadow Waldorf School Teacher groped student.

Green Meadow Waldorf School

The high school math teacher’s pretense for the regular after dinner walks, Kate Christensen wrote, was so he could lend guidance and support to her, a vulnerable young student far from home.

But the 16-year-old’s reality was much darker. The walks, she said, led to terrifying episodes in a deserted field where he kissed her and pinned her to his belly, grinding himself against her and laughing at her attempts to flee.
But 35 years later, the PEN/Faulkner award-winning author has written a memoir that exposes those disturbing encounters and the revelations have set off an aggressive investigation by the progressive private school into other wrongdoings that may have gone on decades ago.
Her former teacher, identified by the Green Meadow school as John Alexandra, is a 71-year-old father with grown children. He lives with his wife in Spring Valley, a couple miles from the campus.
One student, Craig Gordon, spent 12 years at Green Meadow and left in 1979 without graduating. He didn’t know Christensen, but heard her being interviewed about the book July 10 on National Public Radio. At that point, he didn’t realize that they went to the same school.

“I literally had to pull my car over and stop and catch my breath,” he said. “And I thought, ‘Oh my God, did that crazy stuff happen at another Waldorf school like it did at mine?’ ”
Gordon said this ideology, taken piecemeal, can be positive. But when “organized in a dogmatic way, it gets dark,” he said, referring to Christensen’s revelations about her old teacher.

He said it was common knowledge at Green Meadow that some teachers and students carried on affairs in those days.
“Naturally it didn’t take long for him to suss me out as vulnerable prey: a fatherless girl, far from home,” she wrote.

She eventually told her mother, but nothing happened when her mother complained to the school and confronted the teacher, Christensen contends.


“He was the Green Meadow Molester,” a schoolmate e-mailed me the day after I wrote to tell him how the interview had gone. “You blew the lid off the silence. You were the only one who spoke up.”
“I didn’t blow the lid off on purpose,” I wrote back. “Dave Davies made me!”
“You’ve done a good thing for so many people. You’re heroic,” he shot back.
But I wasn’t heroic—I was a victim, though by making public what happened, I ceased to be only a victim.

Decades of sex abuse: Waldorf school probe cites multiple teachers; failure to act

An investigation launched last year after the Green Meadow Waldorf School alumna accused a former teacher of molesting her alleges that he sexually assaulted her, 11 other girls and a woman during his decades-long tenure there.

The findings, revealed in a damning report by a private investigative firm hired by Green Meadow, also accuse two other teachers of sex crimes — one of possessing child porn and another of assaulting a girl on a school-sponsored trip. It says the school failed to act when complaints of teachers' alleged criminal behavior surfaced.
In the case of John Alexandra, the alleged serial offender, the school's lack of response enabled his predatory behavior, the report finds.
"Allowing Mr. Alexandra to freely roam Threefold property resulted in giving him essentially unrestricted access to students and faculty members, and thereby enabled him to continue to victimize others," investigators said.
Many of the alleged victims didn't report what happened at the time, for fear they wouldn't be believed, investigators said. In some cases, they found, Alexandra's alleged victims felt that other adults at Green Meadow were complicit in his behavior because they observed it yet encouraged students to maintain relationships with him, an esteemed member of the community.
Investigators say Alexandra committed "a multitude of crimes" over his decades at the school. They also accuse him of stalking, harassment and child endangerment.


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Highland Hall - Raising Killer Bees on Campus

Where the bees SHOULDN'T BE!

Highland Hall has employed someone on campus to raise bees...
Not honey bees... African bees!  While I'm certain this man is well-meaning, anyone who has read my blog knows that idiots are abundant in Waldorf environments.  From the article linked above:

“These honey bees have African genes, which means they’ll swarm to defend themselves if they feel in danger. You have to approach the hives calmly and carefully,” he explains softly as he sprays smoke into several wooden boxes before peeking inside. “I inspect the hives every few weeks to make sure they are ok.”

Notice, the guy is wearing a protective suit... head to toe with head gear, gloves and so forth.  Safety first.  I happen to know Highland Hall... and I can tell you the lower school playground (1st - 3rd grade) is on the other side of the wooden fence where the bee hives are.  "A Texas couple was attacked by what is being described as a swarm of 30,000 killer bees. "  July 29, 2013
Two dead horses, five dead hens, and their owner with a couple hundred bee stings — that’s the end result of a recent bee attack in Texas. The bees in question initiated the attack on Kristen Beauregard and her animals shortly after she had finished exercising the two horses on Wednesday afternoon — according to Beauregard, the attack was completely unprovoked, her and her animals were nowhere near the hive at the time.
Texas has been making national headlines since early June, when a 62-year-old farmer from the Waco area was fatally attacked by a swarm of 40,000 killer bees after he disrupted a hive near an old chicken coop. The expert charged with removing the nest told area reporters that although the sub-species is still rare, he had spotted at least fives hives in the last month.
And the strange bee incidents keep coming:
  • A woman in Pasadena nearly died on June 18 after bumping into a hive while mowing her lawn,
  • In Arlington, a couple was severely injured on July 27 as they unsuccessfully attempted to save their two miniature horses from roughly 30,000 killer bees,
  • A Cypress family discovered mores than 100,000 honey bees living in a front yard tree,
  • In north Houston on Aug. 1, a dog named Ace was killed by a swarm while an elderly person was sent to the hospital. Days later, hundreds of thousands of bees were removed from a nearby oak tree, along with 250 pounds of honey.
The family of a Texas man attacked and killed by a huge swarm of Africanized killer bees said Larry Goodwin suffered more than 3,000 stings and collapsed as he was apparently trying to reach a hydrant to wash off the bees.
Bees were attacking workers near discarded trailers and trucks at the scrapyard. It all started when 75-year-old Ramon Figueroa Rascon was helping to clean up trash and debris. Little did he know when he moved an old tire, he would disturb a bee hive underneath.

Nogales Fire Dept. Division Chief Gerry Castro said, "We received a call that several people were being attacked by bees."
But firefighters had a battle on their hands because these were not just any ordinary bees -- they were Africanized "killer" bees.
PFLUGERVILLE, Texas -- A 40-year-old warehouse worker has been stung more than 300 times after accidentally disturbing a massive colony of Africanized bees in Central Texas.
Some experts don’t like the term “killer bees,” as it evokes B-horror movies about giant ants, marauding tomatoes, or blobs that ate things. But honestly, what else does one call the africanized honeybee? After all, they swarm and kill.

I'm certain Highland Hall's irresponsibility with regard to the safety of children comes as no big surprise to many of us.  Sure, the world needs bees... but there's a place for everything.  Raising African "killer" bees has its place.  But no reasonable person would suggest that place is on a campus full of children.  The articles above show these bees can attack without provocation or warning.  With the playground just over the wall, it's amazing there hasn't been news of an attack yet.  Clearly, it's only a matter of time before a child or group of children are harmed.  

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Whidbey Island Waldorf School

This school is pretty much a disaster. We were there for 7 years, fortunately mostly in early childhood. Despite what looks like a beautiful and caring environment to send your children, underneath the appearances it is plagued by dysfunction. Apart from the substandard academics, and they are substandard, the weird teachings of Rudolph Steiner are the foundation of the school. These teachings result in all kind of hurtful dysfunctional behavior. Please educate yourself thoroughly on what anthroposophy is and how waldorf school teachings are based on it. This is not explained or even disclosed when you apply to the school. This may not seem that relevant at first, particularly if you like the spiritual beliefs on the surface and are enticed by the beautiful pictures on the wall. However, what you will find is that parents are often kept out of the loop of what is happening with their children, that there is poor or nonexistent supervision of teachers (bad teachers are allowed the play out their "karma" at your child's expense). Research, research , research! there are hundreds of parent blogs detailing consistent bad behavior and patterns that exist on a global level at Waldorf-Steiner schools. Despite the temptation to escape mainstream media driven culture, the Waldorf Schools are not a healthy alternative for children, look elsewhere.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Norwich Steiner School

Threatened Family Leaves Norwich Steiner School

The toxic management culture within Norwich Steiner School has once again led to serious parental complaints being met with outright abusive, threatening behaviour - with no attempt to address issues. The parents involved have been forced from the school, but not without circulating an e-mail to existing parents with a devastating assessment of their treatment (reproduced below with permission from the author).
After repeated occurences of remarkably similar incidents - all centred around complaints related to child safety - the question that surely now needs to be asked is whether the School’s leader - Sandie Tolhurst - can continue to be considered a fit and proper person to be running a school.
From: Jon HeedsSubject: My Experience & Concerns
5th April 2013
On the 4th December 2012 I received an email after school closing hours which I found very disturbing. It was from the school to inform me that after a complaint from another parent regarding my daughters interactions with her child (her attempts to engage him in play) that the school had decided to implement a new policy. This policy had been developed overnight and was to put it politely deplorable, if enacted it would certainly have caused distress to my daughter and I was horrified to be reading it. This new policy, which was to be started the very next morning and without any form of discussion with Rachel or myself stated that if she were to even speak to the other child it would be viewed as an act equal to hitting him and she would be sent home. Obviously this was completely unacceptable so I wrote an in depth reply outlining most of my many objections to it and absolutely forbidding any action to be taken or any mention of it made to my daughter. I received no direct response to this and the first opportunity I had to raise this issue with anyone was the next morning as I dropped my children off at school where I initially attempted to speak to Ms Scaife and get some confirmation that no member of staff would proceed with any such silly actions as outlined in the e-mail from the school. Ms Scaife was unable to speak to me and directed me to speak to Sandie Tolhurst which I did immediately.

At this point I was hoping that the school would apologise for acting so rashly and without thought and reassure me that until we could meet for a sensible discussion no action would be taken. Sadly I was wrong as the very first thing I was told by Sandie was that she had not bothered to read my concerns as listed the email, which I sent the previous evening, because she felt it was an overreaction. This was a huge issue to me as this meant not only were they willing to act in such a thoughtless and potentially damaging manner but they were willing to completely dismiss my parental concerns. Undeterred by this I insisted I had valid points that needed addressing and went on to explain, unfortunately every point I raised was met by the same response from Sandie of denying that the email said what it very clearly did. Again and again I was confronted with blanket denials and a refusal to accept any of my concerns. In order to make any headway I had to insist that she access the email in question and I quoted it directly whilst running my finger across the words. However, Sandie still just dismissed me summarily and refused to accept that there was any issue to be dealt with at all, using phrases like “I am sorry if that is what you have read into it”. At one point she also tried to escape any responsibility by saying “I didn’t write it” and I was forced to remind her in this instance she was the school’s representative. I found this evasive and cowardly attitude extremely frustrating and upsetting to deal with and already late for work I demanded a meeting to discuss the whole debacle and had to leave without any reassurance and hope for the best.
Eventually I was able to get her to agree that to treat speaking to someone as being equal to physically assaulting them was ridiculous. I also had to point out to her that on many other occasions when concerns were raised regarding either of my children I had come in and discussed the issues with them; I had helped develop strategies to deal with those issues that had been successful, therefore she should have asked me to come in and discuss this issue as well. I should not have to be informing you of your own policies that you are seemingly unable to act upon. I demanded that we arrange a suitable time to have a meeting under conditions to be set out by [redacted child]’s mother. I expressed my disappointment and anger at the situation and left.
During the course of that same day whilst I was at work I did receive notification of a date and time to meet and resolve the issue. However at the end of the school day as I picked the children up I was handed 2 letters from the school, the first was a mere 7 lines long apologising specifically for sending me the e-mail and nothing else, it was as apologies go lacklustre. Much more effort had been put into the second letter which was 27 lines long attacking my behaviour and accusing me of conducting myself in a threatening and aggressive manner during my talk with Sandie. This letter also imposed upon me severe restrictions on communicating with staff at the school.
Now at this point I am extremely concerned, the erratic behaviour of the school has been followed by a total refusal to acknowledge this and then a personal attack on my character combined with an attempt to gag me. There was a serious issue here (it is important to note that with just a little cooperation from the school it could have easily and quickly been resolved) and the schools only reaction was to cover it up by all means necessary.
So a few days later came the aforementioned meeting and another chance to put things right. Unfortunately even after a few days to think of sensible solutions to the original issue the school had failed to come up with any sensible suggestions. I had a few suggestions which they agreed to consider and feed back to me afterwards. I expressed my displeasure at the way the school had handled both the initial problem and my complaint but for a brief minute felt we were getting somewhere. Then at the end of this meeting I was informed that the school had raised a child protection issue against me concerning improper sexual conduct with my daughter. I don’t think I either need to or even could accurately describe how I felt upon hearing this. I still now even weeks later cannot truly believe that an organisation that deems itself fit to look after children could stoop to such disgustingly low standards. I demanded all the details of this allegation be sent to me and left in a highly disturbed state.
The basis of this was that I run an online adult shop and have done for the last 5 years, the school have been aware of this for the whole time and have accepted products from my shop as prizes in fund raising events previously but now 4 days after I make a complaint seem to think it is a child protection issue.
I also work for a community mental health team and so I have lots of involvement with vulnerable adults, adolescents and occasionally their children so I had to take action on this allegation. Firstly I called Social Services and informed them of what had happened and asked them to investigate me; I also called my line manager and informed him. He met with the human resources department and made them aware of the allegation so I was still clear to work. That same day I received a letter from the school confirming there was an allegation and saying it would be reported that day but with none of the details I had asked for. Just before 5pm Social Services contacted me and informed me the school had not reported anything to them and that after looking into it upon my request they had no concerns regarding myself with either of my children.
Okay so now things have taken a very sinister turn, either the school have a valid concern that a child is being sexually abused and have chosen to do nothing about it or they have made a spurious allegation in response to my complaint. Let me assure you it is not the former. To make an erroneous allegation of sexual abuse against me is a totally unforgivable act and could only be perpetrated by somebody with no moral standards of any description. How they feel they are suited to run a school when they are willing to sink to petulant, childish and downright repulsive behaviour I cannot fathom.
At this point I wrote many e-mails to the school demanding explanations and copies of documents which should have been kept according to the schools own policies in particular an explanation of why they had not reported to Social Services. I received nothing from the school other than being directed to take all further communications to Chris Mitchell who is a member of the trustees. Since then the school management team have said and done nothing to address this scandalous behaviour.
So all my hopes of a resolution now lay with this trustee Chris Mitchell whom Rachel and I met with alongside the new teacher Jeff. He promised that there would be an investigation into all our concerns conducted by Jeff and this evidence presented to a complaints meeting. He would then inform us of what actions the school need to implement as a result. By this time [my children] had been in limbo for too long and  Rachel and I decided that the bond of trust with the school had eroded too far, nothing was in place to prevent the same things happening again, so we took the sad decision to enrol our children in an alternative school.
The report came back and it was a sorry state of affairs. It repeatedly broke down issues into such tiny chunks that they appeared negligible or evaded the real issue and addressed something else instead. It is a catalogue of evasion and misdirection that leads to the conclusion that there were no issues with the school at all, only my behaviour and that of Miss Anka (both of whom are now gone conveniently) were called into question otherwise it gave the school a big thumbs up and a nice pat on the back. 
Well turns out I am not the only person that has been treated this way upon attempting to complain about a problem at the school. I have since this become aware of several other people who have been treated in a similar manner, people who have been ignored, had their characters attacked and been reported to Social Services by the school at the slightest hint of criticising the school. Also I have become aware of the details of a previous incident at the school in 2005 which also displays a lot of the same shortcomings by the school management team which resulted in both legal action being taken against the school and a large number of parents withdrawing their children and so a large amount of important revenue being lost.

The number of issues this raises is mind boggling, if you have a problem with the school this could happen to you. It has happened before and the school and governors have continually covered it over. There is nothing to stop it happening again and if it does you have no way of appealing as you can easily be ignored and dismissed at every level. This is unacceptable and I feel a duty to tell you this as being forewarned is the best defence you will have at the moment. There needs to be a way of holding the school to account for its decisions and since 2005 the open steering group which was the only parent participation has been closed down there is now no way of parents exerting any influence over any aspect of the school. This is not healthy. Nor is the board of governors resistance to dealing with issues, my experience and that of those before me is that they wilfully ignore your concerns and minimise, deflect and scapegoat in an attempt to whitewash the whole situation.
 I firmly believe that this also needs changing. Parents must have a powerful voice in the school and the management team needs good governance to keep it on track.

Sorry to contact you all with such bad news but I feel there are some very important issues here which just cannot be ignored. Thanks, Jon Heeds.

0% Accountability Leads To Another Family Being Threatened and Leaving Norwich Steiner School

Norwich Steiner School reacted to a parent concern in late 2012 surrounding a bullied child by threatening to involve Children’s Services questioning their parenting. This is not the first example where the threat of Social Services has been used by the school’s management team as a means of silencing or removing parents who raise what appear to be legitimate complaints - particularly around bullying or child safety issues.
The family involved has now pulled out of the school (as of Feb 2013) after Trustees failed to get back to them following a meeting where they outlined their concerns.
We are requesting permission from the family concerned to publish more details.

Norwich Steiner Education - why Norwich Steiner School should not be granted Free School Status

Norwich Steiner School should not be granted free-school status with it’s current management, since they have proved unable to run a school in an ethical manner.
The current management team - led by parent Sandie Tolhurst - were responsible for the bullying of Whistleblowing teacher Miss Jo Sawfoot (see tribunal outcome) including unfairly misleading Social Services about her.
The overseeing body (the SWSF) have taken no action against the school, and indeed as a consequence of the case have suspended their own complaints procedure. This means that outside of going to court, parents have little ability to hold the school to account.
The Schools Inspection Service (SIS) is also not doing it’s job (or has been mislead by the school) since numerous serious parental complaints were ignored or not seen by them.
Furthermore, the trustees of the school have moved to make it more difficult for parents to hold the school to account by removing the automatic right of all parents  to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). Parents are no longer automatically included as part of the school association and it seems only “approved" people will now be able to attend AGMs etc.
These factors should be taken into account by the New Schools Network if they do not wish to see highly embarrasing management failures at one of their free schoolssplashed across the news in future. Certainly, if I were Mr.Gove I would be demanding some serious changes at the top of the school before this is allowed to progress.

Ringwood Waldorf School - supervising self harm

Supervised Self harm at Ringwood Waldorf school:

Supervised self harm in art lesson at £6,000 a year school sees teacher quit

The female teacher was suspended and later quit as bosses investigated the incident at Ringwood Waldorf school
Pupils cut themselves with blades in class under their teacher’s guidance as part of a bizarre history of art lesson.
The female teacher was suspended by the school and later quit as bosses investigated the incident.
The independent Ringwood Waldorf school in Ringwood, Hants now faces a child safety probe by education chiefs.
Nigel Revill, the school’s administrator,  said: “An incident took place during an art history lesson on March 19 during which a part-time teacher acted independently without our knowledge.
“The teacher concerned resigned during the disciplinary process, before a disciplinary hearing could take place. The teacher is no longer employed  by the school and we have no plans to re-instate her.
“This was an isolated incident.”
The fee-paying school, based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner, is privately run and describes itself as an “alternative independent school”.
Its website states: “By allowing an artistic and practical element to flow into all the lessons, children experience joy in their learning.”

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mulberry Farm School
Sacramento, CA
I am the product of the public school system in California. I am highly educated in my university education as well, including pedagogy research, and am happy with the education I have received. I understand that some people think the public school system is flawed and can find a better education for their children in the private sector. I say "Go for it if you can afford it!", but I would NEVER recommend Mulberry Farm School.

A child in my neighborhood attends Mulberry Farm. This child is very intelligent, uses advanced words in conversation, is outgoing, does not have a learning disability (or any disability for that matter), and would probably thrive in a non-Waldorf school. At Mulberry Farm, this child is in the 3rd grade and enjoys the animals and the art projects. However, this child STILL DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO READ. Why does this child not read? Because the child doesn't want to learn and is not being encouraged to do so because the school says the child "may not be ready". HUH? I believe the child may be the only one in the 3rd grade that does not read, but still. Where is the fundamental education??? I do believe the parents are playing a role in this failure, but the school is doing nothing to help.

It's one thing to provide students with activities and giving them options in their educational process, but I believe Mulberry Farm has failed the child I know and I would NEVER EVER send a child there. I cringe at what the future of this child may be if reading does not become a priority...and soon.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Highland Hall review by student



Wednesday, October 14, 2009
nice campus everthing else lacking ‎
After spending 4+ years there ,I will say this ,first the teachers for the most part lack any formal education ,and yes that means little or no college ,second I saw more drugs and alcohol there than any public school kids sniffing ''dust off'', coming to school high on LSD, stoned students AND often teachers ,drinking off campus at lunch ,etc etc ,subject matter substandard [computers are banned by Waldorf] also don't let them fool you with their college acceptance claims ,yes the students will get accepted but in most cases the drop out after 1 to 2 years ,out of the hundred plus people who graduated over my time there most (I say this with total certainty ) did nothing and often have a list of drug and alcohol related mishaps on their record, DUIs etc ,it is my opinion that it would be best to send you children elsewhere,the damage that can be inflicted can take years to fix ,its a very unhealthy place, outside it seems great, but just ask them about kids who ...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Waldorf student charged in double homicide

Cara Sheeran, who attended Davis Waldorf School with Marsh, described him as
sweet and calm. "He's never aggressive," said Sheeran, 16, who attends high
school in San Francisco. "I've never seen him be aggressive with anyone."

Yolo County prosecutors Tuesday filed two felony first-degree murder allegations
against 16-year-old Daniel William Marsh, according to a district attorney's
complaint. Marsh, who was 15 at the time of the April homicides, is the only
suspect in the case.

Prosecutors are charging him as an adult because he was older than 14 and is
alleged to have killed people older than 65, according to the complaint.

Read more here:\

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Trial of Gregoire Perra

Le-palais-de-justice-de-ParisGregoire Perra is on trial for speaking freely about his experience with Waldorf and Anthroposophy.  Below is the Bing translation of a blog he posted and removed on advise of his attorney.  It describes the first day of the trial.   


A few moments anthology a trial

Moments anthology trial (Small skits quasi-fictional, or how Anthroposophy turns publicly Comedy) Any resemblance is purely coincidental specific facts: it does not seek to give an account of an event but is a work of fiction. The President of the Tribunal: Miss X, you are a former student SW, what you find defamatory testimony of Gregory Perra? Miss X. : It is a tissue of lies and vile errors on schools SW! The Chairman: Yes, but what exactly did you find passages defamatory? Miss X. : I do not know, I did not read, I have just been flying ... **** The President of the Tribunal: Miss X, you are a former student SW, how critical do you think of your school? Miss X. : Since I left school, I really took my distance from it all! The Chairman: And what do you do now? X. miss. Uh, I did my training at the Institute of Pedagogy SW and I am now working in a nursery parental SW ... ****

My lawyer: Miss X, you were the wife of Gregory Perra, how do you explain that he wrote this testimony SW schools? Miss X. : In my opinion this is a revenge due to the fact that he had to leave school P. At first he was angry at the school, then it was extended to all schools and schools in the Federation and any anthroposophy! My lawyer: But when you were together, you remember that Gregory Perra working with people like Mr. A., President of the A. Company, and Mrs. B, a director of the Federation? Miss X. Yes, I remember that he had worked with them to write reports. It took her a long time. My lawyer: And it does not seem strange that Gregory Perra has collaborated extensively with people and institutions that you claim he hated them at the time? Miss X. : Uh ...................................... (Prolonged silence of 30 seconds). Yes, but he's a very naughty, in fact it was he who pushed hard for me to do my training at the Institute! My lawyer: And it either, it does not seem contradictory to what you're saying? Miss X. : Uh ....... ****

Mrs. Y. I am a school teacher in SW South of France, in which we have developed an original and profoundly innovative apprenticeship training. We are at the heart of modernity! We work in partnership with over 200 businesses tips, including CNRS ! This is proof that our students SW fit perfectly with the company! My lawyer: But actually, what they do your students when they are learning for more than six months a year in business at the age of 15 years? Mrs. Y. Ben ... they do internships in garages or bakeries .... **** My lawyer Mr X, you Secretary General of the Federation of Schools SW, are you anthroposophy? M.X. : I am not a member of Company A. My lawyer was not my question! You can vote for a political party without necessarily being a member. M.X. : Uh yeah, I'm anthroposophical ... My lawyer: What is the role of anthroposophy in SW schools? M.X. : This is the source of inspiration for all our pedagogy. Without anthroposophy, there would be no teaching SW! My lawyer: It's funny, this is exactly what Grégoire Perra also said in his testimony, and you make him a trial! **** Intermission: A anthroposophical the emaciated figure, the angular face like a knife, tried several times to shoot me in the eye, but its firing repeatedly fall into the void. He raged and recharge immediately. At times, it may stop to relax in its absolute moral certainty, as one would refuel a petrol station. Sometimes only a slight doubt seems to attack: the terror of seeing a modern child's toy that had gone astray in open court (you never know with all the tourists!) Weakens internally. **** 120216044356390119447540 My lawyer: Madame X, you loved school principal SW, could you tell me if, in your school, we teach students in Anthroposophy Philosophy course, since you say that Anthroposophy is a philosophy as other? Madame X. : I do not know that I can not answer you, I have not learned by heart what to say here! **** My lawyer: Madame X, can you describe your activity in school SW? Madame X. Yes, I am a teacher in 6th grade, third and fourth, and Director of Middle and Upper School. My lawyer: You mean you teach three levels of different students and in addition to this you are Director of Middle and Upper School?? Madame X. : Uh, yes, but it is a small structure you know ... My lawyer: How many students? Madame X. 300, we are the most important school of SW France. **** Counsel for the plaintiff: Madame X, the testimony of Gregory Perra refers to the binding of a professor of physics and chemistry with one of his students. Did you know that? Madame X. : I have been informed that after the teacher in question had left school. If I had known at the time of the facts, no doubt he would have taken the door! My lawyer However, two testimonies of former students, the record, say that the whole school knew. Madame X. : Well I did not know! My lawyer: You do not seem to know much about what is happening in your school Madam Director! It's a little easier to come today that you were not aware! Especially since the only testimony did not mention if this teacher, but this teacher inviting students to "come home to sleep and enjoy the pool!" **** Counsel for the plaintiff (emphasis added): the text of Gregory Perra is a pamphlet, a firebrand, a cloth that any vindictive in pedagogy SW would be bad, corrupt and despicable! This is written without nuance, fed animosity incredible! My lawyer: Really? Yet Gregory Perra posted in this "pamphlet", "many students enjoy being enrolled in these schools. And many teachers flourish there - still - in their teaching practice. I would be lying if we did not recognize [...] "A little later:" [...] some pedagogical innovations effectively promote the free thinking students. I think this is partly due to the methods of learning to read and calculate, how to approach science through experience and not pure theory. " Or again: "[...] For my part, I know that much of my suitability analysis comes from some educational elements which I have received at the SW School where I did my schooling [... ]. " Or again: "[...] it is important to note that all of the practices that I have described does not lead to a massive indoctrination of students immersed in this teaching. Few of them will become, as in my case, a member of the Anthroposophical Society [...] " Not surprising as about, from someone who is supposed to see the absolute evil in this teaching, do not you think?! **** The President of the Tribunal: Mr. Perra, could you define what anthroposophy? Me: Yes, it is an esoteric doctrine, mystical and Gnostic summarizes a large number of beliefs. The Chairman: What beliefs? Me: There are many. But the main ones are the belief in reincarnation, the fact that Christ descended from the Sun, the Gnomes and the fact that Adam, the ancestor of all living beings, Medusa was floating in the albumin when the Earth was still in the liquid state. President:? Me: And also that the Earth is reborn. It has already reincarnated four times. As for Buddha, he was reincarnated on Mars. President:??????????? But what is the link with education S.W? Me: Steiner claimed to have discovered a method to become clairvoyant. He could see the Gods and communicate with them. Suddenly his pedagogy is a revelation which would have come from the gods. President:???????????????????????????? (Gros unease among anthroposophic in the room) **** Second Assessor: Mr. Perra, how did you feel when you learned that the Federation suing you for your testimony? Me: This is information that I have from 1 September 2011. In fact, yesterday, a friend who was a professor at the School of SW V. call me saying: "You know what Grégoire, you're in the agenda of the First Quorum of the season: The article by Gregory Perra, view of the Federation." I asked him to remember the next day to tell me what would be said. What she did: "Gregory was simply amazing: the President of the Federation defended your testimony to all teachers! She said that you were right on many points, that we should examine our practices and our relationship to anthroposophy, because we are not under it all clear on this subject, in particular we appeal to parents. Which has boosted the hardline anthroposophical teacher you know well, you know the one always dresses with skirts and odd mismatched. They almost got gut! President even said that we should not call your writing a pamphlet, because it was an honest reflection which reflected the depths of your mind . But it also said it would give you a trial and that everything must be done to stifle its distribution. She said today they adopted the opposite strategy than they had adopted in 2000, namely to make the least possible noise around this issue so that parents are not too familiar with. " I thanked him and is recommended especially not mention his relationship with me, if they could hurt him. A few days later, I received in my mailbox an anonymous envelope containing a letter from the Secretary General of the Federation, addressed to all teachers of SW France, in which I could read their intention to give me a trial, but also: "Perra Gregory raises important questions, it is not the first to do so. I suggest that we take the time to work without dramatizing, once mastered the unallocated public consequences of his act." What a contrast with the letter of the President of the Federation to UNADFI, who came to me the same day, calling my writing "pamphlet!" What I felt then, is simply the moral sadness for that person who was my teacher at school SW, and training at the Institute, which supported me in difficult times 2007, which I still have a warm greeting card for 2008 signed by his hand and kind word she sent me on this occasion, accompanied by the Director of the Institute. How can we be so internally divided as to defend my testimony internally but let me at the same time a public trial? ****

The debate is now closed. Counsel for the plaintiff has completed his argument. I feel deep shame with respect to the strategy of demonizing and insulting my person was chosen to try to convict me. So that's where they are. That's what they are capable of. After that how will they be able to watch one day calmly in a mirror, unless you do not really see? And how can they avoid now be compared with those with whom they do not exactly want to be compared, since they use the same methods? When the lawyer, who has been relaying this tactic, he knows he has nothing to fear immunity gives him the right to say anything, to cover insults and indignities totally unjustified that he wants during a trial without any accountability to the law. His courage and the weight of his words here thus measure the risk it takes, that is to say no. Normally, this should be the turn of my lawyer speak. In this type of trial for cases involving defamation, it is indeed extremely rare Attorney General to speak. You can also call the prosecutor. It is by the French State. This day, however, coup de theater: he spoke on behalf of the French Justice. Argument of the Attorney General: The charge is based on a reading of the testimony of Gregory Perra to isolate certain words or certain passages out of the context. We can not do this! The Court will base its judgment on an exhaustive reading the text in question. When Jacques Guyard was released in 2000, his accusations against Anthroposophy Schools and SW were far more serious than Mr. Perra today. They presented themselves as the findings of a survey, while writing Mr. Perra is undoubtedly a testimony clearly identifiable as coming from an opinion and a point of view necessarily subjective. There is no trace of personal animosity. The testimony is signed, the author did not attempt to conceal. The indictment alleges that the UNADFI would also publish positive testimonials on these schools if satisfied alumni came to find, but this is a denial of the fundamental right to express an opinion newspaper! In addition, the publication of a right of reply, where the Federation had the opportunity to express themselves, it has not been denied. Probably SW schools, being dismissed of their complaint, and will begin to learn what the law of contradiction! **** He is 20h. The rays of the sun through the windows of the 17th Criminal Chamber of Paris and illuminate the woodwork this solemn place, in the center of the prestigious Palais de Justice in Paris, at the heart of the capital of freedom. With a voice that evokes the powerful roar of a lion, my lawyer begins his argument: "Ladies and gentlemen, today we had SCOOP! Pedagogy SW is linked to Anthroposophy!! Look everywhere you can, in all the laudatory articles published on these schools, on the site of the Federation of SW schools, you will never find this information! And today is Mr. X., Secretary General of the Federation, which teaches us, I quote: "Anthroposophy is the source which inspired the Waldorf pedagogy." Incredible! But why do you say never?! Why did not you write? Are you ashamed to say publicly that your education is based on a doctrine that Christ fell from the Sun?! All we ask is the right to publish such information. Because if a parent considering enrolling their children in such schools, where he found the information that this pedagogy is linked to a mystic can only be described as "smoky"? On the website of the Federation? No! In one of the many laudatory article published almost every week in Provence, still under the pen of the same journalist? No more. But now there's article Gregory Perra. It does not say it is wrong, do not go. It expresses an opinion that is not that of the Federation. After the parent is free to choose! That's the democratic debate! That is the right to information and contradiction! And if this question of education is not part of the public debate, then we just have to speak only of rain and the weather. Here at least we will all agree! Federation UNADFI criticized for not having done serious investigation ahead of the publication of this testimony. But what more serious investigation could we make than the Anthroposophical Society in France, which in its issue of the News of the SAF June-July 2010, has provided its members Perra Gregory's article entitled "The Anthroposophical environment: a animalisation the life of the mind" in which the author develops ideas on exactly the SW schools that will in his testimony published on the site UNADFI???! In fact, serious investigation, it is the plaintiff who herself made and validated publicly about Gregory Perra! How can we blame then come UNADFI publish statements that have been previously reported in the press officials Anhroposophie?! The Federation did not at the time, no complaint for defamation against the Anthroposophical Society as I know? So why does it when the same about Mr. Perra appear on the site UNADFI? I confess that I itched to seek condemnation of the Federation for abuse of process. But let's be fair play: you will be rejected, and we will stay there. **** The trial is now complete. Beyond the comic situations, I am seized with amazement and I wonder. Do not they realize that account every time they open their mouth and take a step into the light, their internal contradictions and infighting them explode in the face and obvious to all? It would be better for them to stay in the shadows! It would have been better for them not to initiate the lawsuit also borked immoral! They measure all the consequences of their actions? They imagine those looming? How could they be so misguided?! How could they be so blindly confident?! Are they aware that the image they gave of themselves is much worse than my article denounced? Know who were present that day in the audience? Now, some people will have to continue their way of life with the lies that they will may be required to produce at the helm, and / or to which they are satisfied themselves for the cause of these schools. And this weight will be heavy to carry! Do they not seriously the notion of karma, which is nevertheless the heart of their doctrine?

Original French:

Quelques moments d'anthologie d'un procès
(Petites scénettes quasi-fictives, ou comment l'Anthroposophie vire publiquement à la Comédie)
Toute ressemblance avec des faits précis serait purement fortuite : ce texte ne cherche pas à rendre compte d'un événement mais est une œuvre de fiction.
  • Le Président du Tribunal : Mademoiselle X., vous êtes une ancienne élève S.W., qu'avez-vous trouvé de diffamatoire dans le témoignage de Grégoire Perra ?
  • Mademoiselle X. : Tout, c'est un tissus de mensonges et d'erreurs ignobles sur les écoles S.W. !
  • Le Président : Oui, mais quels passages précisément vous ont semblé diffamatoires ?
  • Mademoiselle X. : Je ne sais pas, je ne l'ai pas lu, je n'ai fais que le survoler...
  • Le Président du Tribunal : Mademoiselle X., vous êtes une ancienne élève S.W., quel regard critique portez-vous sur votre scolarité ?
  • Mademoiselle X. : Depuis ma sortie de l'école, j'ai vraiment pris mes distances par rapport à tout ça !!!
  • Le Président : Et que faites-vous maintenant ?
  • Mademoiselle X.. : Euh, j'ai fait ma formation à l'Institut de Pédagogie S.W. et je travaille maintenant dans une crèche parentale S.W. …
  • Mon avocat : Mademoiselle X., vous étiez la compagne de Grégoire Perra, comment expliquez-vous qu'il ait écris ce témoignage sur les écoles S.W. ?
  • Mademoiselle X. : A mon avis c'est une vengeance due au fait qu'il a du partir de l'école P. Au début il en a voulu à cette école, puis cela s'est élargi à toutes les écoles, puis à la Fédération des écoles, puis à toute l'anthroposophie !
  • Mon avocat : Mais quand vous étiez ensemble, vous vous souvenez que Grégoire Perra collaborait avec des gens comme Monsieur A., Président de la Société A., et Madame B, administratrice de la Fédération ?
  • Mademoiselle X. : Oui, je me souviens qu'il avait travaillé avec eux pour rédiger des rapports. Cela lui prenait beaucoup de temps.
  • Mon avocat : Et ça ne vous semble pas étrange que Grégoire Perra ait collaboré intensément avec des gens et des institutions dont vous affirmez qu'il les détestait à l'époque ?
  • Mademoiselle X. : Euh...................................... (silence prolongé de 30 secondes). Oui mais c'est quelqu'un de très méchant, d'ailleurs c'est lui qui a beaucoup insisté pour que je fasse ma formation à l'Institut !!!
  • Mon avocat : Et ça non plus, ça ne vous semble pas contradictoire avec ce que vous affirmez ?
  • Mademoiselle X. : Euh.......
  • Madame Y. : Je suis professeur dans une école S.W. du Sud de la France, dans laquelle nous avons développé une formule originale et profondément innovante de formation par apprentissage. Nous sommes au cœur de la modernité ! Nous travaillons en partenariat avec plus de 200 entreprises de pointes, dont le C.N.R.S. ! C'est bien la preuve que nos élèves S.W. s’intègrent parfaitement à la société !
  • Mon avocat : Mais concrètement, qu'est-ce qu'ils font vos élèves quand ils sont en apprentissage pendant plus de six mois dans l'année dans une entreprise, à l'âge de 15 ans ?
  • Madame Y. : Ben... ils font des stages dans des garages ou des boulangeries....
  • Mon avocat : Monsieur X., vous êtes Secrétaire Général de la Fédération des Ecoles S.W., êtes-vous anthroposophe ?
  • M.X. : Je ne suis pas membre de la Société A.
  • Mon avocat : ce n'était pas ma question ! On peut voter pour un Parti politique sans nécessairement en être membre.
  • M.X. : Euh oui, je suis anthroposophe...
  • Mon avocat : Quel rôle joue l'anthroposophie dans les écoles S.W ?
  • M.X. : C'est la source d'inspiration de toute notre pédagogie. Sans l'anthroposophie, il n'y aurait pas de pédagogie S.W. !
  • Mon avocat : C'est drôle, c'est exactement ce que dit aussi Grégoire Perra dans son témoignage, et vous lui faites un procès !
Entracte : Un anthroposophe à la silhouette émaciée, le visage anguleux comme un couteau, tente à plusieurs reprises de me fusiller du regard, mais ses tirs à répétition tombent dans le vide. Il enrage et recharge aussitôt. Par moments, il s'interrompe pour se ressourcer dans ses certitudes morales absolues, comme on ferait le plein à une station d'essence. Parfois seulement, un léger doute semble l'assaillir : la terreur d'apercevoir un jouet pour enfant moderne, qui se serait égaré en plein tribunal (sait-on jamais avec tous ses touristes !), le fragilise intérieurement.
  • Mon avocat : Madame X, vous êtres directrice d'une école S.W., pourriez-vous me dire si, dans votre établissement, on enseigne l'Anthroposophie aux élèves en cours de Philosophie, puisque vous dites que l'Anthroposophie est une philosophie comme les autres ?
  • Madame X. : ça je ne sais pas, je ne peux pas vous répondre, je n'ai pas appris par cœur ce qu'il fallait dire là !
  • Mon avocat : Madame X., pouvez-vous nous décrire votre activité au sein de l'école S.W. ?
  • Madame X. : oui, je suis professeur en classe de 6ème, 4ème et 3ème, et directrice du Collège et du Lycée.
  • Mon avocat : Vous voulez dire que vous enseignez à trois niveaux d'élèves différents et qu'en plus de cela vous êtes Directrice du Collège et du Lycée ??
  • Madame X. : Euh oui, mais c'est une petite structure vous savez...
  • Mon avocat : Combien d'élèves ?
  • Madame X. : 300, nous sommes la plus importantes école S.W. de France.
  • L'avocat de la partie civile : Madame X., le témoignage de Grégoire Perra fait mention de la liaison d'un professeur de Physique-Chimie avec l'une de ses élèves. Avez-vous eu connaissance de ce fait ?
  • Madame X. : Je n'en ai eu connaissance qu'après que le professeur en question avait quitté l'école. Si je l'avais su à l'époque des faits, nul doute qu'il aurait du prendre la porte !
  • Mon avocat : Pourtant, deux témoignages d'anciens élèves, versés au dossier, affirment que toute l'école était au courant.
  • Madame X. : Eh bien moi je n'en savais rien !
  • Mon avocat : Vous ne semblez pas savoir grand chose de ce qui se passe dans votre école Madame la Directrice ! C'est un peu facile de venir dire aujourd'hui que vous n'étiez pas au courant ! D'autant que les témoignages ne mentionnent pas seulement le cas de ce professeur, mais aussi de cette enseignante invitant ses élèves à "venir dormir chez elle et profiter de sa piscine" !
  • L'avocat de la partie civile (avec emphase) : ce texte de Grégoire Perra est un pamphlet, un brûlot, un torchon vindicatif selon lequel tout dans la pédagogie S.W. serait mauvais, corrompu et abject !! C'est un écrit sans nuance, nourri d'une animosité inouïe !!
  • Mon avocat : Ah bon ? Pourtant Grégoire Perra écrit dans ce "pamphlet" : « de nombreux élèves prennent plaisir à être scolarisés dans ces écoles. Et de nombreux enseignants s’y épanouissent – malgré tout – dans leur pratique enseignante. Ce serait mentir que de ne pas le reconnaître […] » Un peu plus loin : « […] certaines innovations pédagogiques favorisent effectivement le raisonnement libre des élèves. Je pense que cela est dû notamment aux méthodes d’apprentissage de la lecture et du calcul, à la manière d’aborder les sciences par le biais de l’expérience et non de la pure théorie ». Ou encore : « […] pour ma part, je sais bien qu’une grande partie de ma pertinence d’analyse provient de certains éléments pédagogiques dont j’ai pu bénéficier dans l’École S.W. où j’ai effectué ma scolarité […] ». Ou encore : « […] il est essentiel de souligner que l’ensemble des pratiques que je viens de décrire ne conduit nullement à un endoctrinement massif des élèves immergés dans cette pédagogie. Peu d’entre eux deviendront, comme ce fut mon cas, membre de la Société Anthroposophique […] »
    Étonnant non comme propos, de la part de quelqu'un qui est sensé voir le mal absolu dans cette pédagogie, vous ne trouvez pas ?!
  • Le Président du Tribunal : M. Perra, pourriez-vous nous définir ce qu'est l'anthroposophie ?
  • Moi : Oui, il s'agit d'une doctrine ésotérique, mystique et gnostique qui synthétise un grand nombres de croyances.
  • Le Président : quelles croyances ?
  • Moi : Il y en a un grand nombre. Mais les principales sont la croyance en la réincarnation, au fait que le Christ soit descendu du Soleil, aux Gnomes et au fait qu'Adam, l'ancêtre de tous les êtres vivants, était une Méduse qui flottait dans l'albumine quand la Terre était encore à l'état liquide.
  • Le Président : ??
  • Moi : Et aussi que la Terre également se réincarne. Elle s'est déjà réincarné quatre fois. Quant au Bouddha, il s'est réincarné sur Mars.
  • Le Président : ???????????? Mais quel est le lien avec la pédagogie S.W ?
  • Moi : Steiner prétendait avoir découvert une méthode pour devenir clairvoyant. Il pouvait voir les Dieux et communiquer avec eux. Du coup sa pédagogie est une Révélation qui lui serait venue des Dieux.
  • Le Président : ?????????????????????????????   (Gros malaise chez les anthroposophes présents dans la salle)
  • Le deuxième Assesseur : M. Perra, qu'avez-vous ressenti lorsque vous avez appris que la Fédération vous intentait un procès pour votre témoignage ?
  • Moi : Il s'agit d'une information que je possède depuis le 1er septembre 2011. En effet, la veille, une amie qui était professeur à l'école S.W. de V. me téléphone en me disant : "Tu sais quoi Grégoire, tu es à l'ordre du jour du premier collège de la rentrée : L'article de Grégoire Perra, point de vue de la Fédération". Je lui ai demandé de me rappeler le lendemain pour me raconter ce qui se serait dit. Ce qu'elle fit : "Grégoire, c'était tout simplement incroyable : la Présidente de la Fédération a défendu ton témoignage devant tous les professeurs ! Elle a dit que tu avais raison sur de nombreux points, que nous devions nous interroger sur nos pratiques et sur notre rapport à l'anthroposophie, car nous ne sommes selon elle pas clairs du tout sur ce sujet, notamment nous nous adressons aux parents. Ce qui a fait bondir la pédagogue anthroposophe pure et dure que tu connais bien, tu sais celle qui s'habille toujours avec des jupes bizarres et mal assorties. Elles ont faillit s'étriper ! La Présidente a même dit qu'il ne fallait pas appeler ton écrit un pamphlet, car c'était une réflexion honnête qui traduisait le fond de ta pensée. Mais elle a aussi dit qu'il faudrait te faire un procès et que tout devait être mis en œuvre pour étouffer sa diffusion. Elle a précisé qu'ils adoptaient aujourd'hui la stratégie inverse de celle qu'ils avaient adopté en 2000, à savoir de faire le moins de bruit possible autour de cette affaire pour que les parents ne soient pas trop au courant." Je l'ai remercié et lui ait recommandé de ne surtout pas mentionner son lien avec moi, sinon ils pourraient lui faire du mal. Quelques jours plus tard, je recevais dans ma boîte aux lettres une enveloppe anonyme contenant une lettre du Secrétaire Général de la Fédération, adressée à tous les professeurs S.W. de France, dans lequel je pouvais lire leur intention de me faire un procès, mais aussi : "Grégoire Perra pose des questions importantes, il n'est pas le premier à le faire. Je suggère que nous prenions le temps d'y travailler sans dramatiser, une fois qu'auront été maîtrisées les conséquences publiques de son acte". Quel contraste avec la lettre de la Présidente de la Fédération à l'UNADFI, qui me parvenait le même jour, qualifiant mon écrit de "pamphlet" ! Ce que j'ai alors ressenti, c'est tout simplement de la tristesse morale pour cette personne qui avait été ma professeur à l'école S.W., puis à la formation à l'Institut, qui m'avait soutenu dans les moments difficiles de 2007 et dont je possède encore une chaleureuse carte de vœux de l'année 2008 signée de sa main et le petit mot gentil qu'elle m'envoya à cette occasion, accompagné de celui du directeur de l'Institut. Comment peut-on être à ce point divisée intérieurement au point de défendre mon témoignage en interne mais de me faire dans le même temps un procès public ?
Les débats sont à présent clos. L'avocat de la partie civile a terminé sa plaidoirie. Je ressens une profonde honte à l'égard de la stratégie d'insulte et de diabolisation de ma personne qui a été choisie pour tenter de me faire condamner. Voilà donc où ils en sont. Voilà ce dont ils sont capables. Comment après cela pourront-ils se regarder un jour sereinement dans une glace, à moins de ne pas vraiment se voir ? Et comment pourront-ils éviter maintenant d'être comparés à ceux avec qui précisément ils ne veulent pas être comparés, puisqu'ils emploient les mêmes méthodes qu'eux ? Quand à l'avocat, qui s'est fait le relais de cette tactique, il sait qu'il n'a rien à craindre : son immunité lui donne le droit de tout dire, de couvrir d'insultes et d'ignominies totalement injustifiées qui il veut au cours d'un procès sans avoir aucun compte à rendre à la loi. Son courage et le poids de ses paroles se mesurent donc ici au risque qu'il prend, c'est-à-dire aucun. Normalement, ce devrait être au tour de mon avocat de prendre la parole. Dans ce genre de procès, pour des affaires liées à la diffamation, il est en effet extrêmement rare que l'Avocat Général prenne la parole. On peut aussi l'appeler le Procureur de la République. Il représente ici l’État Français. Ce jour-là pourtant, coup de théâtre : il prend la parole au nom de la Justice française.

Plaidoirie de l'Avocat Général :

L'accusation se fonde sur une lecture du témoignage de Grégoire Perra visant à en isoler certains mots ou certains passages en les sortant de leur contexte. On ne saurait procéder ainsi ! Le Tribunal devra fonder son jugement sur une lecture exhaustive du texte incriminé.

Lorsque Jacques Guyard a été relaxé en 2000, ses accusations à l'égard de l'Anthroposophie et des Écoles S.W. étaient autrement plus graves que ceux de M. Perra aujourd'hui. Elles se présentaient comme des conclusions d'une enquête, tandis que l'écrit de M. Perra est incontestablement un témoignage, clairement identifiable comme émanant d'une opinion et d'un point de vue nécessairement subjectifs. On n'y trouve aucune trace d'animosité personnelle. Le témoignage étant signé, l'auteur n'a pas cherché à se dissimuler. L'accusation prétend que l'UNADFI aurait du publier également les témoignages positifs sur ces écoles si des anciens élèves satisfaits étaient venus les trouver : mais c'est là un déni du droit fondamental de tout journal à exprimer une opinion ! De plus, la publication d'un droit de réponse, où la Fédération avait le loisir de s'exprimer, ne lui a pas été refusé.

Sans doute les écoles S.W., en étant déboutées de leur plainte, pourront ainsi commencer à apprendre ce qu'est le droit à la contradiction !

17ème chambre
Il est 20h. Les rayons du soleil couchant traversent les vitres de la 17ème chambre correctionnelle de Paris et illuminent les boiseries de ce lieu solennel, au centre du prestigieux Palais de Justice de Paris, au cœur de la capitale du pays des libertés. D'une voix puissante qui évoque le rugissement d'un lion, mon avocat commence sa plaidoirie :

"Mesdames et Messieurs, nous avons eu aujourd’hui un SCOOP ! La Pédagogie S.W. est liée à l'Anthroposophie !!!!! Vous pourrez chercher partout, dans tous les articles élogieux publiés sur ces écoles, sur le site de la Fédération des Écoles S.W., vous ne trouverez jamais cette indication !!! Et aujourd’hui c'est Monsieur X., Secrétaire Général de la Fédération, qui nous l'apprend ! Je le cite :

"L'anthroposophie est la source dont s'inspire la pédagogie Steiner-Waldorf."

Incroyable ! Mais pourquoi ne le dites vous jamais ?! Pourquoi ne l'écrivez-vous pas ? Avez-vous honte de dire publiquement que votre pédagogie s'inspire d'une doctrine selon laquelle le Christ est tombé du Soleil ?! Tout ce qu'on demande, c'est le droit de pouvoir publier ce genre d'information. Parce que si un parent d'élève songe à scolariser ses enfants dans ce genre d'école, où trouvera-t-il l'information selon laquelle cette pédagogie est liée à une mystique qu'il faut bien qualifier de "fumeuse" ? Sur le site de la Fédération ? Non ! Dans un des nombreux article élogieux publié presque chaque semaine dans La Provence, toujours sous la plume du même journaliste ? Non plus. Mais maintenant il y a l'article de Grégoire Perra. On ne dit pas : c'est mal, il ne faut pas y aller. On émet une opinion qui n'est pas celui de la Fédération. Après, le parent est libre de son choix ! C'est ça le débat démocratique ! C'est ça le droit à l'information et à la contradiction ! Et si cette question d'éducation n'est pas un élément du débat public, alors nous n'avons plus qu'à ne plus parler que de la pluie et du beau temps. Là au moins on sera tous d'accord !

La Fédération reproche à l'UNADFI de ne pas avoir réalisé d'enquête sérieuse en amont de la publication de ce témoignage. Mais quelle enquête plus sérieuse pouvions-nous effectuer que celle de la Société Anthroposophique en France qui, dans son numéro des Nouvelles de la S.A.F. de juin-juillet 2010, a mis à disposition de ses membres l'article de Grégoire Perra intitulé "Le milieu anthroposophique : une animalisation de la vie de la pensée", dans lequel l'auteur développe exactement les idées sur les écoles S.W. qui seront les siennes dans son témoignage paru sur le site de l'UNADFI ???!! En réalité, l'enquête sérieuse, c'est la partie civile qui l'a elle-même effectuée et qui a validé publiquement les propos de Grégoire Perra ! Comment peut-on venir reprocher ensuite à l'UNADFI de publier des affirmations qui ont été auparavant présentées dans des organes de presse officiels de l'Anhroposophie ?! La Fédération n'a, à l'époque, pas porté plainte en diffamation contre la Société Anthroposophique que je sache ? Alors pourquoi le fait-elle lorsque les mêmes propos de M. Perra paraissent sur le site de l'UNADFI ?

J'avoue que cela m'a démangé de demander une condamnation de la Fédération pour procédure abusive. Mais soyons fair-play : vous allez être déboutés, et nous en resterons là.

Le procès est à présent terminé. Au-delà du comique de certaines situations, je suis saisi de stupéfaction et je m'interroge. Ne se rendent-ils pas compte qu'à chaque fois qu'ils ouvrent la bouche ou qu'ils font un pas dans la lumière, leurs contradictions internes et leurs querelles intestines leur explosent à la figure et sautent aux yeux de tous ? Qu'il aurait mieux valu pour eux rester tapis dans l'ombre ! Qu'il aurait été préférable pour eux de ne pas engager cette poursuite judiciaire aussi foireuse qu'immorale ! Mesurent-ils toutes les conséquences de leur acte ? Imaginent-ils celles qui se profilent ? Comment ont-ils pu être aussi mal conseillés ?! Comment ont-ils pu être aussi aveuglément confiants ?! Se rendent-ils compte que l'image qu'ils ont donné d'eux-mêmes est bien pire que ce que mon article dénonçait ? Savent-ils qui étaient présents ce jour-là dans l'assistance ?
Maintenant, certaines personnes vont devoir poursuivre leur chemin de vie avec les mensonges qu'on leur aura peut-être demandé de produire à la barre, et/ou dont elles se seront convaincues elles-mêmes pour servir la cause de ces écoles. Et ce poids sera lourd à porter ! Ne prennent-ils donc pas au sérieux la notion de karma, qui est pourtant le cœur de leur doctrine ?