Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mulberry Farm School
Sacramento, CA
I am the product of the public school system in California. I am highly educated in my university education as well, including pedagogy research, and am happy with the education I have received. I understand that some people think the public school system is flawed and can find a better education for their children in the private sector. I say "Go for it if you can afford it!", but I would NEVER recommend Mulberry Farm School.

A child in my neighborhood attends Mulberry Farm. This child is very intelligent, uses advanced words in conversation, is outgoing, does not have a learning disability (or any disability for that matter), and would probably thrive in a non-Waldorf school. At Mulberry Farm, this child is in the 3rd grade and enjoys the animals and the art projects. However, this child STILL DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO READ. Why does this child not read? Because the child doesn't want to learn and is not being encouraged to do so because the school says the child "may not be ready". HUH? I believe the child may be the only one in the 3rd grade that does not read, but still. Where is the fundamental education??? I do believe the parents are playing a role in this failure, but the school is doing nothing to help.

It's one thing to provide students with activities and giving them options in their educational process, but I believe Mulberry Farm has failed the child I know and I would NEVER EVER send a child there. I cringe at what the future of this child may be if reading does not become a priority...and soon.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Highland Hall review by student



Wednesday, October 14, 2009
nice campus everthing else lacking ‎
After spending 4+ years there ,I will say this ,first the teachers for the most part lack any formal education ,and yes that means little or no college ,second I saw more drugs and alcohol there than any public school kids sniffing ''dust off'', coming to school high on LSD, stoned students AND often teachers ,drinking off campus at lunch ,etc etc ,subject matter substandard [computers are banned by Waldorf] also don't let them fool you with their college acceptance claims ,yes the students will get accepted but in most cases the drop out after 1 to 2 years ,out of the hundred plus people who graduated over my time there most (I say this with total certainty ) did nothing and often have a list of drug and alcohol related mishaps on their record, DUIs etc ,it is my opinion that it would be best to send you children elsewhere,the damage that can be inflicted can take years to fix ,its a very unhealthy place, outside it seems great, but just ask them about kids who ...