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Eugene Schwartz - Child Pornographer's_Happening_Now/Green_Meadow_Community_Letter_-_July_2014.pdf

Eugene Schwartz was a lower school teacher employed at Green Meadow from 1981 to 2005.
T&M’s comprehensive investigation led it to conclude that in 2005, Mr. Schwartz was in
possession of child pornography at his residence on Threefold property. The child pornography found in Mr. Schwartz’s possession was viewed by other witnesses and was reported to the
administrator at Green Meadow. At the time, there was less than one week left in the school
year. Green Meadow assigned another teacher to teach with Mr. Schwartz in his class for that
last week of school and to accompany him for all graduation activities. It then severed its
professional relationship with him after the term ended.

T&M’s investigation revealed that after the child pornography was discovered at his home, Mr.
Schwartz admitted to at least one adult member of the Green Meadow community that he was
attracted to young girls and to another that he was a sex addict. T&M also determined that Mr.
Schwartz admitted to another witness in the Threefold community that he had a “problem” with
child pornography. During the course of its investigation, T&M learned that Mr. Schwartz had
taken many photographs of students, including students in swimwear, with at least one
provocative photograph of a young female student on Threefold property.

T&M concluded that after Mr. Schwartz was discovered to have possessed child pornography, it
was incumbent on the School to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation to determine if
he had acted inappropriately with any Green Meadow students or other children in the area. At
the time, this was not done. Subsequently, T&M did not find any evidence of inappropriate
sexual contact between Mr. Schwartz and any Green Meadow student.

Possession of child pornography is, and was in 2005, both a State and Federal felony offense. 
However, the law did not require Green Meadow to report Mr. Schwartz’s possession of child
pornography to law enforcement. The School at the time sought, and followed, the advice of its
then legal counsel as to how and to whom to communicate what they learned about Mr.
Schwartz and why he was no longer working at Green Meadow.

Based on the results of T&M’s investigation, Mr. Schwartz has now been permanently barred
from Green Meadow and Threefold property.

Let's read that last sentence one more time:

BASED ON THE RESULTS OF T&M’s INVESTIGATION, Mr. Schwartz has NOW been permanently barred from Green Meadow and Threefold property.

Schwartz is a big deal in Waldorf!
Eugene Schwartz has served as Director of Waldorf Teacher Training at Sunbridge College, as well as having worked with the late Ernest Boyer at the Carnegie Foundation to establish new curricular ideas and methods. He has lectured on new ideas in education at Harvard, Columbia, University of Tennessee Medical Center and the Aspen Institute. Eugene recently graduated his fourth 8th grade class, from Green Meadow Waldorf School and now serves as a consultant to both Waldorf and public schools. He also provides resources for home schoolers through his website, His many books and articles have been widely published in the US and throughout Europe, including Millennial Child and Why the Setting Sun Turns Red and Other Stories for Children. As the father of two grown boys and two girls, and the grandfather of three boys, Eugene has experienced the joys and challenges of family life in two different millennia.

Parents should be advised that Mr. Schwartz is a Waldorf school consultant and a regular visitor to MANY Waldorf schools.  Also, see this: for Mr. Schwartz mocking parent complaints about bullying.  He implores parents to trust Waldorf teachers... while he himself, a former Waldorf teacher harbors a self-admitted sex addiction which includes a focused interest in child pornography.  

If your Waldorf school isn't giving you straight answers, THIS is the type of thing they may be hiding!




  3. Washington Waldorf School on Dec. 18, 2015 announced the cancellation of a basketball game but the alumni pizza party at Comet Pizza & Ping Pong in Washington DC was still happening. Lucky I saved a screen shot when I found it a few weeks ago, because the image is now gone from their Facebook page.

    1. The website and Facebook pages showing this have been removed since I found them and exposed them in mid-January. I notified David Seaman and others.



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