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Richard Moeschl - Admitted Waldorf School Groper's_Happening_Now/Green_Meadow_Community_Letter_-_July_2014.pdf

Richard Moeschl was a middle school teacher at Green Meadow from 1979 to June 1983. In 1983, Mr. Moeschl sexually assaulted a female middle school student during a school-sponsored  trip. T&M’s investigation revealed that this female student’s victimization became known to Green Meadow when Mr. Moeschl admitted to another Green Meadow teacher shortly thereafter what had happened. Mr. Moeschl had already planned to leave Green Meadow at the end of the 1983 school term, having taken a teaching job at a Waldorf School in California, thus Green Meadow did not have to determine if he should be fired. However, there were other steps T&M concluded Green Meadow should have taken. 
The investigation concluded that Green Meadow failed to act appropriately when the School became aware of the incident. There was no formal internal investigation conducted, nor were the police contacted. Other than the faculty member to whom Mr. Moeschl admitted his criminal behavior, no other Green Meadow personnel questioned him about this. When contacted by T&M during its investigation, Mr. Moeschl admitted to inappropriate sexual contact with this student and no doubt would have done so at the time. No one from Green Meadow ever spoke to the victim about what happened, nor did anyone determine if she needed counseling. The victim’s parents were not contacted that year in a timely or appropriate fashion and indeed did not become aware of what happened to their daughter until she told them a number of years later in an effort to prevent Green Meadow from allowing Mr. Moeschl back on campus. In short, Green Meadow failed to handle this matter in an appropriate fashion. 
Before Green Meadow, Moeschl was apparently at Pine Hill Waldorf school (1976)

The question "Why do parents send their children here rather than to public was directed to Richard Moeschl, fifth grade teacher. "Since Pine Hill is an independent school, the opportunity exists for more in depth development of the child as an individual here than in a public school system; 'there is a closer teacher-child relationship, greater consistency' said Moeschl. 

OK, so where did Richard Moeschl end up?  I don't know where in California he transferred to (yet).  He's apparently in Ashland, Oregon but not working as a school teacher.


  1. Is this him?

  2. There's this from a comment Richard Moeschl filed with the FCC in 2012: And a suggestion he was at Horizon Institute at some point: This says he is a founding member of Playwright's Unit

  3. "Richard Moeschl is Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Mail Tribune and the Ashland Daily Tidings, a weekly columnist, theater critic, and lecturer. Author of “Exploring the Sky,” Chicago Review Press, he is Executive Director of Horizon Institute which explores the relationship between science, spirituality and the humanities. A founding member of the Playwrights' Unit at Oregon Stage Works, Richard serves on several non-profit arts boards. His play, “Arthur’s Dreams,” produced at Oregon Stage Works won the 2006 Oregon Book Award for Drama." From

  4. I'm happy he isn't teaching children.


    1. So that is Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley.


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