Monday, July 7, 2014

Waldorf School of the Peninsula

"No responsible parent would ever let their child attend a school with a 23% immunization rate. And indeed there’s a strong case to be made that public-health officials should simply refuse to allow any such school to open its doors unless and until that rate improves. I’ll be charitable here and assume that Richtel didn’t know this number when he wrote his piece — but still, the NYT owes its readers something of an apology here for leading them to believe that there might be something admirable about this sinkhole of highly-dangerous fear and ignorance."
"Update: I should have put this in the original post, sorry, but the chart comes from the Bay Citizen’s immunization pages, which show that “at Waldorf School Of The Peninsula, 72.73 % of kindergartners weren’t fully immunized in the 2010-11 school year due to their parents’ personal beliefs”. The data comes from the California Department of Health."

Below is a 4-star Yelp review:

Waldorf's teaching method doesn't work for everyone, and it is very pricey. My nephew was stuck with the same teacher for over 4 years, and didn't get along with her well, while the teacher wasn't supportive of his differences.

My nephew has met some great people there and really enjoys his friends he has met, but he has had to go through a lot academically.

Overall, this place is challenging but productive (and expensive).

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You may ask, "where are all the 5=Star reviews?" Well, the problem with those reviews is that many tend not to be too honest. I have included 4-star reviews that appear honest. Often, gushing reviews are placed by teachers and administrators - as some comments here indicate. "This school educates the whole child!!!" - 5 stars - by Anonymous... I say baloney! Notice, many of the reviewers have been misled by Waldorf and are still buying the PR, even after having been disappointed. Feel free to comment but understand the intent of this blog. Comments are no longer moderated.