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Waldorf's Millennial Child Pornographer - Eugene Schwartz - Possessed by Demons?

Eugene Schwartz - Possessed by Demons
Eugene Schwartz - It wasn't his fault... the Double made him do it!

It's the only Anthroposophical explanation!  Double Devils - Lucifer and Ahriman took over Schwartz (and the elemental beings he took in through his eyes) - and the poor man has had to live with this demonic possession for who knows how long...

We have heard in past lectures how Lucifer entered into the human being through his nerves and senses that is, into his Astral body during Lemurian times. This made it possible for Ahriman who exists around us in the material world to enter into man through his senses. Ahriman longs to reside in the Etheric body for it is in the Etheric body, in the body of formative forces, the life body where resides memory that he finds it most suitable for his development.  Along with these beings there are elemental nature spirits that enter man through his food, enchanted in the minerals and vitamins that he ingests. Through his eyes man also takes in these elemental beings that live in the Etheric element of the Earth, through his sense of smell and all his other senses taste touch etc. These beings have no ego and must rely on man in order to progress. A man of moral character disenchants these beings and allows them to progress further in their evolution.
A man who is not moral traps them inside himself and they become prey to Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings.  
There is however another being that enters man just before he is born. This forms a part of what Rudolf Steiner calls ‘the Double’.
Rudolf Steiner tells us that wherever there occurs unconsciousness this creates opportunities for spiritual beings to enter into man. Therefore the fact that man is unconscious into his physical nature creates an opportunity for spiritual beings to enter into the void left by the soul and spirit. It is into this space that a being enters a short time before we are born who takes possession of those unconscious physical processes.

This being Rudolf Steiner tells us falls into the category of an Ahrimanic being. A being that is connected with the great being of opposition Ahriman whose realm is matter, the earth and the fallen ethers.

This double being under the service of Ahriman continues to live within us during our life predominantly in our Etheric body in the same way that our spirit lives predominantly within our soul.  
Why do they enter man?

These beings are Ahrimanic in character and so they are retarded beings that serve the beings that fell behind during the old Sun evolution of the earth. Ahrimanic beings that could not pass through their human stage at this time had to undergo their development at another time not suitable to their existence – on a Physical earth. Having no physical bodies with which to undergo their development they had to take up residence in the physical body of human beings if they were not to suffer greatly.

Their particular sphere of action is the Etheric body.

In the Etheric body lies our potential for memory and therefore our Intellect. In it also there lies the power of love and the beginnings of what will one day be true conscience. It is not then difficult to see why these beings are attracted to this sphere as they have an extremely high Mephistophelian intelligence, but it is an Ahrimanic intelligence that has no warmth of heart and no conscience. In the Etheric body lies our temperaments and we can see the connection here with these beings that are possessed of a strong will akin to the nature of the elements. What does this mean?
‘…There arises the phenomenon known as the Guardian of the Threshold — the appearance of the lower double of man. The spiritual being of man, composed of his impulses of will, his desires and his thoughts, appears to the Initiate in visible form. It is a form that is sometimes repugnant and terrible, for it is the offspring of his good and bad desires and of his karma — it is their personification in the astral world…’ Steiner, An Esoteric Cosmology
This being bars the way to the spiritual world because while ever we carry the baggage of our faults and fallacies all our lower desires needs wants, all our impulses of will, all that is perishable and not eternal we are too heavy and cannot enter.
It is no surprise then that the existence of this being in our life body leads to illnesses of our organs. In the Astral body this being is demonstrated in psychological, nerve illnesses.
The poor man... it's plain to see why he was attracted to young children so intensely when understood in Anthroposophical terms.  No wonder teachers learning of his problems said and did nothing to let other schools know.  This "child pornography" stuff was between Schwartz and his demons.

How does this happen?

This results from the fallen forces that stream out of the earth and are intimately connected to the double. Where the double is strong in us he attracts the fallen forces that then further feed and enhance him.  It is a fact that there are certain beings that prefer certain geographical locations where this or that fallen ether is more prevalent and will enter into human beings born here or there. The fallen forces in man (the double) are especially strengthened by coming into contact with their counterpart in the outer world.
So the "geographical locations" would explain the pockets of possessed people at Green Meadow and Highland Hall, for example.
How do we perceive him?
In everyday life we see him in our intellect wherever it becomes cold and hard and lacking in feeling. We see him in our temperaments – wherever something becomes habitual, whenever we lose the control over our emotions and whenever we lust over things of a material nature.
Photographs of children perhaps?
How do we redeem him? 
Now we're talking... some powerful Anthroposophical ways we can get Eugene Schwartz back on track!
Firstly, as in Rumpelstiltskin we have to learn his name. That is we have to recognise him through our Ego consciousness, since every time we recognise him he loses power. 
OK, admittedly, Schwartz needed the help of others to recognize his problem.  They recognized it for him and said he could never go back to Green Meadow school.  Yet he continued to lecture at neighboring schools and campuses practically adjacent to Green Meadows' campus.  Furthermore, he visited schools all around the country - often living in homes of parents with children when he visited. So, nobody, apparently, was able to recognize that Mr. Schwartz had a problem.  It's as if they all knew Rumpelstiltskin's name, but didn't want to tell anyone outside their circle.
Secondly, we have to raise our thinking up from the realms of matter. This is done by
  • Ordering our thoughts (will in thinking) through concentration exercises
  •  Releasing our thinking from the brain through meditations on spiritual truths that are warmed through with feeling (feeling in thinking).
OK, that makes sense... Eugene will have to change his thoughts and release his thinking from his brain.  Some would suggest he was already thinking with another part of his anatomy, but I digress.  Schwartz will have to actively THINK about not liking child porn, meditate for a while and sure enough, he will be transformed... that is... the little devils inside him will get bored. 
Thirdly we have to work on our feeling life to balance the highs and the lows through
  • Equanimity (thought in feeling)
  • Positivity (will in feeling)
THINK POSITIVE... Got it!    
Fourthly, we have to work on our life of will to do the good
  • Will exercises (Thought in will)
  • Open mindedness (feeling in will)
OK... but... um... does anybody see some reason why this man shouldn't seek help?  I mean, you know... from outside HIMSELF?  And the Green Meadow (and other) Waldorf people who knew of his "possession"... don't they require a little counseling on why you should speak up if one of your teachers is victimizing children?

WHY DON'T THESE PEOPLE GET SOME THERAPY?  It might help chase the little devils out of their heads.


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