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Waldorf School of Orange County Reviews by Parents

Let's start again today shall we? Here comes Waldorf of Orange County... again,
heavy influence from Highland Hall's WISC program.  Often, parents come into Waldorf schools expecting the "image" WALDORF has sold them... they don't get that here either.

Posted February 27, 2013

My kids had the worst time in their life at this school. The faculties believe large class is better than small one so they keep adding students. The teachers yell at kids in daily bases in order to take care of 30 and more kids in their class with many learning disability kids. The school has big financial problem so they are BIG on donation and it is on the must to do list. They have the chart for donation and it tells how much family had participated on donating the money by each grades. They are competing on which grade get 100 percent participation on annual donation. Most of teacher doesn t have the education degree and those are the one teaches for 1-8. Because they are not capable to cover all subjects many family rely on private tutoring at home. The school has many ritual activities and in order to perform the event they cut down from main lesson curriculum. There is big time bullying going on by kids and by teachers. I felt that the school has poor quality for education and unhealthy social behavior. —Submitted by a parent

Posted November 26, 2012 
The New High School looks promising and there is finally some technology in a few classrooms. The problem is that this school is over stuffing children in the grades to fill up the free siblings in the high school. The teachers in the lower grades stay with the class from 1st - 8th grade and there are some seriously poor quality teachers as you get closer to the Jr High grades. The children in these classes who have been with the poor teachers all these years have horrible manners and they tend to ignore, or worse, bully new children in these classes and on the playground. The poor teachers, in turn, to save their jobs and their own children's free education, will blame all the problems on the new children. It all works because they only vote unanimously on the College Board of 12. We are Waldorf Alumni from the East Coast and we have found that many Southern California Waldorfs and Charter Waldorfs are vastly below standards for Waldorf Schools nation wide and world wide. They also keep many parents in the dark about standards and philosophies so the current parent body has little idea that they are operating with substandard teachers. Lots of turnover... —Submitted by a parent

Often, parents come into Waldorf schools expecting the "image" WALDORF has sold them... they don't get that here either.

Posted March 15, 2012
Waldorf education standards are amazing when taught in the right way. Meant to
embrace the individual strengths of a child, soften the focus on weaknesses &
provide a place of compassion, free of judgment. Waldorf School of O.C. has
translated that in to allowing the kids to express themselves in whatever manner
the child sees fit, with little social/emotional guidance. Kids threaten others
& act in cruel ways; allowed to express themselves at the expense of others.
Affects learning for those who need a stable, creative & caring place to be.
Education level is behind what it used to be. Class sizes range 30+. Kids
capable of more fall behind; can t concentrate w/surrounding chaos/not given the
attention needed. Specialty subjects seem perfection focused. Kids who aren t at
the same level as others sit out of orchestra, unable to participate with the
group & aren t provided with anyone to help them progress. Little to no
parent/teacher communication. Can t say this about every teacher, only what my
child has experienced. Have the same teacher/class 1st - 8th grade, so be
thorough when interviewing & spend time in the class. No community
garden/physical labor is not focused on
—Submitted by a parent

Posted December 11, 2011
This Waldorf is not one of the better Waldorfs in the nation. Our children have
one good teacher and one unexperienced teacher. The festivals and curriculum are
Waldorf but this school lacks social discipline and this shows up in the
students social interactions with each other, which are often aggressive.
Waldorf students around the world are known for being confident, compassionate
people who are able to help others in the world. Too much unwarranted confidence
at this school and not enough intelligent compassion. Many grades teachers are
too new and don't have enough Waldorf training to apply this education properly.
Emphasizing the whole child approach would work better here if the teachers had
the tools, but they are lacking. New children coming from other schools in the
grades may have a very hard time assimilating into the culture. Really interview
the teacher and parents before deciding. The new high school seems promising
with many new and experienced teachers. If this school could work on improving
their students and teachers social skills, it could be promising and possibly
worth the tuition. —Submitted by a parent

Posted April 27, 2011
I have been with the school, as a parent and teacher for 7 years. KI can tell
you without hesitation that the education at Waldorf Orange County is below what
you would get at a good public school. Yes, the arts are great. Yes, the
festivals are pretty. But, is that what we are paying for? Fifth graders who
can't compose a coherant paragraph? The majority of 8th graders who can't do
algebra? Do not be blinded by the surface beauty, the underbelly is not pretty!!
There is no administration. There is no consistency in the education. You are
rolling the dice with your child's future by enrolling them in Waldorf.
Beware!!! —Submitted by a parent

The last review gave the perfect "elevator speech" for Waldorf with this ominous
warning ... "You are rolling the dice with your child's future by enrolling them
in Waldorf. Beware!!!"

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  1. Avoid the high school at all costs. There is a humanity teacher who bullies other teachers. Because teachers fear her, kids are let loose without any discipline.


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