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Camphill Special School Review by a Teacher\

Posted on Oct 8, 2011
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Although I agree that this school fosters a strong sense of community and
student wellness and possesses teachers that are truly dedicated to their
students, I would have to disagree that this school is nonsectarian. If you
research Rudolph Steiner, who developed anthroposophy, and thus the Waldorf
curriculum, he was an esoteric occultist. The teaching that infuses this school
are based on anthroposophic ideals, which is part of the larger New Age
movement. For example, the teachers follow the students through each grade
because they are considered to be the child's spiritual guide as they continue
on the path of reincarnation. Legends, fairytales, and myths are no longer just
symbols and allegory, but realities that are avenues for "spiritual
advancement." Please, before enrolling your child in this school, if you belong
to any religious denomination, particularly a Christian denomination, research
Rudolph Steiner and what the Waldorf curriculum really is and then make an
educated choice. --Submitted by a teacher

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