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Pine Forrest Charter School - Reviews by Parents\

Posted January 30, 2013

We were very happy at this school for our child for the first few years. The social environment, caring, loving attitude is wonderful. The activities are fun and creative. Most of the teachers and aides are excellent and we truly felt our child was safe and in a socially thriving school. Unfortunately, it is true with the consistent complaint that if your child doesn't 'click' with their teacher from 1-8th grade, you are out of luck because the school will support the teacher. They did not listen to us as a family nor try to work with us at all when problems arose with our child. The lack of support was very disappointing as we thought this school would help our child and encourage us. Also, taking our child out of this program and trying to acclimate to the public school system has been challenging as the progression of acedemics is very different at this school. If we had known the friction was going to occur at PFS, we wouldn't have started our child there. Fortunately, kids are resiliant and our child is doing well in a new school!
—Submitted by a parent

Posted September 8, 2010
We pulled our daughter out of PFCS 12/09. The teacher was rigid and
unresponsive, the principal and others were at best unethical. We had a very
moderate special need, our daughters challenges were dismissed and worse than
not being addressed the existence of the challenges was DENIED. Our situation
resulted in an investigation by the AZ Dept. of Ed. and an conclusion of
multiple violations of special ed law and federal regulations. As long as things
went their (the school's) way things were wonderful, once we had a need that did
not fit their mold, the first and repeated "suggestion" from the principal was
that perhaps this just wasn't the school for our child. It is also absolutely
true that it totally depends on the teacher you get, we clearly pulled the short
straw, a different teacher and we would probably still be there.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted September 7, 2007
I have concerns about the philosophy of students staying with the same teacher
thru 8th grade. Is this system realistic? If it 'clicks' between teacher and
student, it is great. If it doesn't, it can be negative experience. The school
is inflexible about this subject and brushes off parents' concerns. I had a
child attend Pine Forest K-8, and it was a wonderful experience because the
teacher was open, honest, flexible, compassionate, knew and embraced every
student. I have another child who attended K-4, and I felt that this teacher
judged my child in first grade when the child was young, unfocused and 'chatty'
and never saw them differently after that. Test scores indicate student is doing
great, even excelling, yet teacher gives student 'needs improvement' on their
report card. Did my child become disengaged and stop performing to their full
potential? Would a change in teachers have made a difference?
—Submitted by a parent

Posted April 8, 2005
I choose this school after my child attended Kindergarten at a pubic school. I
was not happy that after only one year my child hated to read. Pine Forest take
a mush slower approach at academics and I am happy with that. I am not happy
with having the same teacher year after year. It has some good points, but also
bad points. I am also not happy with having no voice in the school. The
administration is not in controll. The decidions are made by the Pine Forest
School Board and the College of Teachers. The board is made up of hand picked
people, some not even parents of students at the school, and invited teachers.
The college of teachers are the teachers at the school. They do indeed know best
in many areas of education and teaching, but do not have the ability to speak
for every parent.
—Submitted by a parent

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