Friday, May 11, 2012

Detroit Waldorf School Reviews by Parents

  • Julie M.
  • Boulder, CO
  • 7/6/2011
  • This school almost permanently destroyed my life. If you ever have kids, it turns out that kids who are extremely intelligent often exhibit behaviors that are not normallly socially acceptable. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TO DWS AS PUNISHMENT. I love my parents, but this was the worst punishment they inflicted on me, for two full years. It was worse than public school OR religious school, and the facilities were tragic. I learned literally nothing, while my brain was starving for knowledge. This place made me act out much worse than I had in public school, because of how ridiculous their rules were - no spaghetti straps? You MUST go to gym when you are bleeding for the first time in your pathetic 13 years? (And no Health classes!!! Cause SEWING is more important!) After two years of terrible mental atrophy, forced foreign language classes (which as most Michigan grads can tell you are pointless) and detentions, I finally convinced them to let me go to Roeper, which is a fantastic school where, instead of punishing individuality, they embrace and encourage it. And they LIKED that I was SMART!!! I thrived in that atmosphere and ended up graduating with a 3.9, and then graduating with a 3.6 at one of the top 25 public schools in the nation.

    This school is NOT, I repeat, NOT for intelligent kids. If you want your kids to be home-schooled, but you have to work, maybe this is the place for you. But as a place to spend your formative years, I narrowly escaped being non-functional for the rest of my life - and though I am scarred, I can still contribute to the public opinion of this area.\

Posted March 6, 2010
As for extracurrricular activites, as a parent I feel the neccesary tools and
subjects are not emphasize enough on preparing the children towards higher
education (high school), such as Math, Reading, Science and American History
instead of so much Mid- Evil History. Too much emphasis foucus on Nature.
—Submitted by a parent

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