Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monterey Bay Charter School Reviews by Parents and MUCH more

Let's start this examination with the teacher who sexually abused two
PRE-TEENAGED students! HOLD ON... He TRANSFERRED from another Waldorf Charter -
Woodland Star Charter!!!\

"A former teacher in Sonoma Valley was jailed Thursday on three counts of child
molestation. Patrick Lilley, 52, was arrested after an investigation revealed he
had sexually abused two pre-teenaged students approximately two years ago.

Lilley was booked into Monterey County Jail with a bail of $300,000 and is
awaiting extradition to Sonoma County, reported Sergeant Cecile Focha. According
to staff at Monterey Bay Charter School in Pacific Grove, Lilley was employed
there as a first-grade teacher at the time of his arrest; this was his first
year at that school.

Lilley had started at Woodland Star School in Sonoma Valley in September of
2004, teaching first grade. He moved along with that class through the fourth
grade until June of 2008, when, according the May 2008 school newsletter, he
left the area "to live closer to his sister."

PK: SO, the pedophile was simply transferred from one charter Waldorf school to
another... GEE, this sounds familiar.

OK, on to the reviews:

Posted March 19, 2011
Unfortunate when a schools leadership has no idea how to truly administer, or to
lead. This school has great potential but its administration is stuck and
running the school right into the ground. The teachers are wonderful for the
most part. The hands on education and waldorf inspiration inspires the children
to enjoy their lessons. The future of this school depends on removal of the
buddy-system thriving in the administration office.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted August 28, 2010
At MBCS the teachers are very dedicated, the administration is mediocre. Because
the school budget is a shoestring, it can be difficult to meet the extremely
high expectations of parent involvement if you live out of the area, a single
parent, work, and can not be as constantly on site as the locals. In my
daughter's class last year there was plenty of drama from over involved parents
who are cliquish, prone to squabbles, and power struggles, that were expressed
in seemingly constant seething emails (to everyone) that became very tiresome.
The teacher finally cried "STOP"! in a very nice Waldorf way. My son's class was
at times led by the parents while the teacher seemed to step back. I want the
teachers to lead not the parents. With MBCS expectations of extreme parent
involvement, it becomes it's own negative, EXTREME PARENT INVOLVEMENT! I
participate as I can then go home.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted August 27, 2010
I find myself concerned about some of the parents who are strongly Waldorf-ites
who I also see tending to be extremely protective and limiting of their
children's experiences whether it be by any media influences or even other
children who are media savvy- as if it would seriously damage or steal their
innocence. I'm not advocating throwing the kids out to the wolves, however I
fear that parent overprotective behaviors in this day and age can come back and
bite the parent years later when their older children finally have a taste of
freedom. I've seen it happen. I really like the Waldorf ideas, and I think it is
also important to stay current, real, and allow kids to experience and learn to
"deal" with some things that may be tough, after all, that's real life learning!
—Submitted by a parent

Posted July 12, 2010
This school seemed ok at first and the Waldorf method sounded interesting but it
was disappointing. The students remain with the same teacher from kindergarden
through eight grade and that is problamatic. If your child starts at a later
grade they will be the "outsider" in the children's already established
"clicks". Some of the students have parents who work at the school and these
children will get special treatment because of this, even to the point of the
school's "Chair" ( that is what they call the principal) not taking any
disciplinary action in order to protect them and keep up the school's
reputation. The principal " talks the talk" but lacks leadership skills and
doesn't follow school's policies. Bullying is an issue as well. I also found
this is not actual Waldorf but rather Waldorf inspired. The American Waldorf
Association does not endorse this school. Don't send your kids there! —Submitted
by a parent

I don't know what to do please help with suggestions
My daughters teacher was accused of molesting 4 girls and slaming the head of
one boy on his desk. They went to trial and the girls didn't want to testify so
he got those charges dropped , but the boy did testify and the teacher got 1
count of endangering a child. Trial closed, he's still walking around. This was
a year ago but the abuse happened when they where much younger so it wasn't high
priorty case. My daughter in August just told me that he had rubbed her more
than 5 times where one shouldn't. So it would be a new trial. I have called
everyday latley and they just transfer me to voicemails and noone calls me back.
They advisied me not to get consoling or talk to her about it anymore because it
could mess up the case. So I haven't. I call daily, no oone will take my
calls(always voice mail) and charges have not been filed. She told Kaiser too.
What do I do to get the ball rolling? Newspapers or what kind of lawyer? They
just put me through to answering machine after answering machine and no one
calls me back. How do I get justice for my child?


"Under the terms of the plea bargain, reached Sept. 30, Lilley can't work with
children and he can't live near schools, parks, pools or day-care centers. He
was formally sentenced by Judge Ken Gnoss on Oct. 29."

OK, that's ONE down...

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