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Denver Waldorf School Reviews by Parents

Before the reviews, here's a relevant story:


July 23, 2003 | Crecente^, Brian D. | Copyright

Byline: Brian D. Crecente
A Denver physical education teacher was arrested Tuesday for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student.
Robert C. Drake, 25, was arrested for investigation of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.
Drake had worked at The Denver Waldorf School, 735 E. Florida Ave., for two years as a gym teacher and the school's sport's director, said Judy Lucas, enrollment director for the school. He resigned from the school Monday.
The school notified police Monday after …

Posted June 15, 2009
There is absolutely no safety at this school! It has gotten worse as the years have progressed! I have taken my daughter out for this upcoming year!  —Submitted by a parent

So I dig the concept of teaching kids philosophy, giving them real life skills like the violin, and teaching them hand crafts like wood making.  Also know that when I randomly talked to kids in the high school there, they said they loved it.

The school facility is really dumpy in comparison to schools like Grelyland, Denver Montessori, St Ann's, St Mary's, and Stanley British.

( I thought, That's not a huge deal because I'm a tech kagillionair and if things worked out I would have donated all the money they needed for their campus explanation and remodel.)

So I had a kid who went into the pre-k program from DU's Fisher Early Learning Center.  He had some sensory issues and I spend on average 40k a year on him for private school and therapy on Sensory Prescriptive Disorder. I say that because I sent him to one of the famous developmental psychologist in town that charge you 1k to IQ test your child and tell them which school is the best fit for that child.

What I basically found out through having my child at Waldorf for 12 months is that they are overly conservative for the sake of being conservative.  When it came time to have assessments for first grade entry.  They told me they tested him for reading ability and signs of sensory issues.  So even though the "Waldorf Model" does not "believe" in teaching children to read until they are seven, if you don't have that skill (which they don't teach them), and have it all together by first grade, they boot them out.

So I asked the developmental psychologist to test my son and tell me what "the deal is,"  because I have a BS in education.  She said that my child has a IQ of 150 with a decent amount of Sensory Delay which with our current regiment of thereby would work itself out within 12-18 months.  She also said that the Denver Waldorf School only works for 3% of children that fit "their flawed model."  I then asked what that meant.  Basically, they believe in not teaching all children to read until they are seven because kids brains are not ready for it.  Being that, in the last five years there are "a deluge of children," not one or two but countless, who literally can't read at age 12 because they did not have early intervention at Waldorf.  So by the time they start teaching a kid to read at seven, they are literally three years behind the "eight ball" and are catastrophically behind, especially if you believe that the first five years are the most important in a persons life.

The developmental psychologist also gave assessments to some countless children at age 12 that we're literally thrown out of Denver Waldorf.  Not only could they not read, they could not answer basic concepts of "Why is America considered a Democracy."  She also said they are kicking him out because they don't want to take a risk with any child "exposing their flawed model."  "The bottom line is they don't want anymore kids that can't read at age 12.  So instead of innovating and reforming the "Waldorf Model," they kick the brilliant ones out because there is an absolute refusal to accommodate children with reading issues."

So basically in the end we were left with a kindergartner that could not read and we had to put him into a school, and get tutors, to bring him up to speed because he was so far behind.

Personally, I would think long and hard about risking your child's future by sending them to Waldorf.  I am not bitter or angry, I just feel that any prospective parents who are think of sending their child here need to know (Sit emptor caveto "let the buyer be ware.")

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