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Susquehana Waldorf School Reviews by Parents

Posted January 26, 2012
Sadly, the Susquehanna Waldorf School (SWS) is the worst run institution that I have come across in both the public and private sectors in the United States. Most of the teachers at SWS are wonderful educators, but the school itself is in such disarray due to their incompetent, uneducated administration powers that be. Furthermore, I seriously question the safety of the building that the school is physically housed in at present in Marietta on many levels (e.g., mold, radon, roof stability, lead paint...). SWS has had a numerous and significant change overs in staff and board members in the past few years and for very just reasons. It is seriously questioned whether or not the school will be reaccredited as a true "Waldorf" school once again given all of these circumstances. Again, it is a most unfortunate situation because there are many wonderful educators working at SWS... but one cannot take a blind eye to the real problems at SWS. The bottom line is that SWS a poor example of how a "Waldorf" school should operate, may even be the worst.
—Submitted by a parent
Colin N., Saturday, July 09, 2005
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The Susquehanna Waldorf School is a great experience for young children ages 5-8. It is funny while still learning the basics of education. The child will come to like learning and learn to respect others. However, as the child begins to mature further it is a good idea to switch schools as the Susquehanna Waldorf School is not that good for children ages 10 and up as it begins to become childish for them and they begin to dislike it.

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