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Stone Bridge Charter School Reviews by Parents\

Posted June 5, 2012

I would advise any new parent to PLEASE do their homework on Waldorf education. I thought that I did, I read the books, talked to other parents etc., however you do not truly understand it until you are there. It is 100% about the teacher that you get in 1st grade. The kindergarten completely sells the school - teachers are wonderful, teacher/child ratio is low and curriculum is positive. However, as a new parent, please look past the kindergarten and interview some of the teachers in the upper grades! Every year, the teacher in first grade is unknown until the last minute. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find good Waldorf educated teachers - there are just not that many out there. They have hired EXTREMELY poor quality teachers! Most parents I have talked to have to spend so much $$$ on extra tutoring for their children when they get close to junior high and high school. No one at the school will tell you this. The reason their test scores show grade level is because the school is made up entirely of white, middle class, educated families, it is not due to the teaching staff. Also, many of the teachers are unable to accomodate children with different learning needs.
—Submitted by a parent
Some of these are intended to be positive reviews... but the negative comes
through... Great next post here... it sums it up:

Posted April 22, 2011
SBS is a great school for some families but adheres to a strict Waldorf
pedagogy. Much is made of the media restrictions and delayed literacy, but
Waldorf is much more than locking up the T.V. and waiting to do ABCs. Any famliy
considering SBS should read up thoroughly on this form of education. Specific to
this school, the class sizes are large, even in grades 1-3 and in keeping with
Waldorf, the teaching is group based, rather than individualized. The
kindergarten is one of the best I have ever seen, and some of the grades
teachers are absolutely brilliant educators. However, the problem of
inconsistency among the classes is huge. The 1st gr. teacher is to remain with
your child through 8th gr. If your child gets one of the prized teachers, it's a
thoroughly enriching education. If you end up with a less than fabulous teacher,
you are in for much disruption and uncertainty. This also means that only a
small group of students benefits from the strongest teachers. Art is well
integrated, but it is of a specific style and not taught as a form of personal
expression. There is also a spiritual undercurrent to much of the teaching that,
though not overt, cannot be denied.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted April 10, 2011
This entire school year my child's teacher has said "good morning" to me maybe
twice. She has her own set of "pet parents" who she spends most of her time
with. She has shown aggressive behavior to my child and even though I have
mentioned this to the principal, the behavior continues. A very unhealthy
environment! Oh, and you're STUCK with such a teacher 'till 8th grade!
—Submitted by a parent

Posted March 5, 2011
Prospective parents should understand that a Waldorf education is a commitment -
subjects are taught at a different rate from regular public schools, so
especially in the early grades, the children can be significantly behind and a
switch may be a stumbling block. It is the goal at Waldorf schools that teachers
stay with their class throughout the grades. This can be wonderful, since the
teacher has an intimate understanding of his/her class which can truly benefit
the child. However, this can also present problems when things don't work out
with a teacher. Our children have been SBS students for years, but we are now
faced with the problem of a teacher who has extreme and militant rules. Meetings
take place, suggestions and promises are made, but the problems persist. Since
there is no obvious indication that anything is being done, it is clear that we
cannot continue with this teacher until 8th grade. We are now confronting a
switch to another school. This will be a traumatic event for our family and I
wouldn't wish this situation on anyone.  —Submitted by a parent

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