Friday, May 11, 2012

George Washington Carver School Reviews by Parents

Here's another California Charter school:\

Posted September 5, 2011
Awful school, negligent teachers, it is small but they still don't work as a
team and academic achievement falls through the cracks. One teacher does more
facebook time with kids trying to be their friends but nothing to make sure they
are succeeding academically.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted November 16, 2007
My child's grades have improved since attending AC. Teachers seem accommodating
and interested in helping their students improve. The temporary site leaves much
to be desired and the absence of a current website is bothersome as it is harder
to stay ont top of current school activities. No sports or social activities to
speak of are currently available. Plans are to move to its newly-built facility
in Jan. '08, approx. 30-45 minutes from the current site.
—Submitted by a parent

Posted November 4, 2007
Sutter Health Expansion Contruction occuring on top of our tiny alleyway
playground (it looks that way and feels that way) does not a lovely, quiet play
area for the children make.... Having a multi-level parking garage to be
operated RIGHT NEXT to our playground is not an ideal health situation for our
children as well.
—Submitted by a parent

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You may ask, "where are all the 5=Star reviews?" Well, the problem with those reviews is that many tend not to be too honest. I have included 4-star reviews that appear honest. Often, gushing reviews are placed by teachers and administrators - as some comments here indicate. "This school educates the whole child!!!" - 5 stars - by Anonymous... I say baloney! Notice, many of the reviewers have been misled by Waldorf and are still buying the PR, even after having been disappointed. Feel free to comment but understand the intent of this blog. Comments are no longer moderated.