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Malamalama Waldorf School Reviews by Parents and Students

Posted April 28, 2013
Beware...... Teachers have a public school approach towards students . Definitely not a fun, vibrate, loving envoirment ! School is very unprofessional, unorganized. The only grade your child would be safe in is kinderhale .
—Submitted by a parent

Posted February 14, 2011
My brothers and sisters, we were all at this school and we liked it to begin with. The teachers are very different some are really good and some are really not good. My teacher let bullying happen in the classroom every day to one child she didn't like and who she was mean to. I found our teacher crying in the classroom and she got mad at me and I felt very bad because I went back to get my schoolbag I forgot. There were two teachers that the parents complained about a lot but nothing changed. Some adults are upset because the school is not like a Waldorf school. I would have been happy for it to just be a good school. The elective teachers are really nice and there are lots of good things about the school. I did not feel safe with my teacher because I never knew what she was going to be like to me or the other kids. She made even the smart kids have extra tutoring because the school gets money for it I think. That made everyone feel like they were dumb. Some parents said no to extra tutoring for their kids and their kids did really well because they didn't feel dumb. The people in the office are very nice. I am rating the stars for my one teacher. 
Posted December 22, 2010
We wish this was a better review. There are many good-hearted and well-intentioned people at the school but the lack of professionalism and rudeness we encountered became too much to have our children around. They now attend HAAS, which seems to have a much better idea of what the heart and rigor of Waldorf education means. We took our children out after trying it for a year.
—Submitted by a parent
Posted August 13, 2008
my son was in this school, but after one month with a teacher that should have retired years ago, I pulled him out. The kindness and fairness was NOT there, although the other specialty teachers were exceptional and appreciated, I did not have any other choice of core subjects teacher. The celebrations of weird icons/subjects was too much for us as well. Rather and odd approach to learning, not for us. Over the top tuition! —Submitted by a parent
Posted July 4, 2005
malamalama school is a disfuntional instution. I am a former parent and have done volenteer work at this school.The administration , board of directors, and teachers have shown a lack of respect for the concerns of the parents.parents concerns have been met with vindictiveness, arrogance, and lies. many of the good teachers and long time parents have gone. the school's reprutation in the community is horrid. I no longer have any children at this school and would not under any circumstances advise anyone to send their child to this school.This is a small school with a drastically declining enrollment. the numbers don't lie.
—Submitted by a parent
Posted February 2, 2005
The administration at malamalama is in complete shambles. The best teachers have retire from the school because of pressure to leave. I feel sadness posting this because there are deserving individuals at Malamalama and I believe in Waldorf, but this school is unfit to nurse the bright minds of our youth. Many of the teachers do not incorporate art into their cirriculum whih is displeasing at best. Look into other schools, Malamalama is losing students and faith each day.  —Submitted by Kary Ulrich, a parent

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