Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ocean Charter School Reviews by Parents

Westside charter school teacher gone after allegations of cheating

A Westside charter school teacher has left her job following allegations that she pointed out wrong answers to her fourth-graders during state testing this month and then gave them an opportunity to make corrections.
According to an Ocean Charter School administrator, 11 students said they had received assistance from the teacher, Ashley Gossett. Ten others who were asked said they did not receive help.
The incident could jeopardize Ocean Charter's Academic Performance Index rating. If more than 5% of test-taking students could have been affected by the alleged cheating, the state is likely to invalidate the school's score.

Today’s lesson: “Alternative” Virginia school closes after half of its students infected with pertussis. All of them were unvaccinated
I fear we’re going to be reading similar stories in the months and years to come. After a 2008 measles outbreak in California — which, incidentally, was started after a non-vaccinated patient of self-proclaimed vaccine and autism expert “Dr. Bob” Sears came back from a European vacation with the virus — a Los Angeles Times investigation identified two hundred Southern California schools where outbreaks are more likely “in large part because of parents choosing not to immunize. … Most are schools in affluent areas.” I wrote about the ’08 outbreak in my book; when I went back and re-read that section this morning, I was struck by the parallels to the current situation in Virginia: One of those schools is the Ocean Charter School in Del Rey, California, where an entire century’s worth of medical advances have effectively been thrown out the window: Since the 2007-2008 school year, between forty and sixty percent of incoming kindergarteners have been exempted from vaccines. Administrators told the Times those figures were no surprise, because the school’s “nontraditional curriculum” attracted “well-educated parents who tend to be skeptical of mainstream beliefs.” “They question traditional knowledge,” the school’s assistant director said, “and feel empowered to make their own decisions for their families, not deferring to traditional wisdom.”

Here are the reviews:
In reading the reviews of the Ocean Charter School in Los Angeles, it becomes
apparent that they made promises they weren't about to keep. Read through the
reviews and see if you notice this trend. At first, parents were excited to
join the community and things went well at first. Then, around 2010, the
reviews start hinting at some issues with the school. The first review in 2010
was pulled, apparently, because it apparently was voicing concerns about the
lack of racial diversity in the school (remember this is in LOS ANGELES).
Reading forward in the reviews, it turns out, parents are discovering that their
kids aren't being educated, that the administrators aren't accepting input from
parents (only volunteer work), that parents are pulling their children out in
groves, and that half the teachers staged an exodus. Many of these symptoms are
TYPICAL of Waldorf schools. There's even a hint of Waldorf dividing a wedge
between working parents.

Here are a few of the critical comments. I'll let readers go to the reviews for

the apologia.

  • Stephanie F.
  • Culver City, CA

Let me break it down for you.

If you are looking for a good school that has it's P's and Q's together..
If you are looking for a school with an honest administration..
If you are looking for reliable staff..
This isn't the place for you.

I've worked at this school and I have to say that the lack of guidance that this school has is incredible.

Given the fact that they have moved this school twice in the past 2 years should say a lot about how insecure it really is.

They have had office staff write report cards for teachers that were fired in the middle of the year.

They have bake sales, knowing full well that they cannot sell the food without the districts permission, but do it anyway. (they have to have the bake sales or else their school will go bankrupt)

Their campus on Culver Blvd is literally falling apart.  They have ceiling panels that may fall down and hit a child, roaches, mice other vermin running around the campus.  They have exposed electrical outlets in the children's bathrooms.

They have office staff that openly discusses their partying, drinking, sex and drug use in the front office in front of children and parents.

They lie during IEPs to receive additional funding from the state and LAUSD.

They constantly cut their employees paychecks so that they keep the lights on at the end of the day.

They were turned down to build a campus because the LAUSD board hates them.

Do not waste your time trying to get into this school, even if you are desperate.

I am not saying that all people that work here are like what I outlined here, because they aren't.  There are a few people that really are passionate about their jobs and what they believe in.  Unfortunately, those people are not the Directors of the school.

Take my advice for what it's worth, but keep in mind that I did see, witness and hear every last one of these things first hand.

  • Jake B.
  • Los Angeles, CA
4/15/2013Ocean Charter school  is by far the WORST SCHOOL EVER! first off the kids are mean and cuss tell your child horrible things.Also the the teachers are the worst the pretend to be nice to the parents and then they are mean to the kids my sons teacher would call on kids that where not raising there hand.DON'T SEND YOUR CHILD HERE!!!

  • Sheri J.
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • If you're looking for a Waldorf inspired school this is not it.  They say one thing and do another.  Do yourself a favor and either opt for the real thing or keep looking.

    Some of the upper grades teachers are the worst I've ever come across and the administration is even worse.  Extremely contradictory in my view as a parent of a student at both Waldorf and OCS.  They have no idea what each celebration is about whether it's Michaelmas or Winter Spiral... there's minimal knowledge of these important events.  It's as though they're just checking off boxes but not actually participating in the event itself.

  • B.C.
  • Los Angeles, CA
4/28/2013Send your child to this school only if you are elitist, hypocritical, and ready to support institutionalized bias.  This school claims to be Waldorf.  However, it is nothing more than a way for upper middle class parents to get out of paying for private Waldorf education.  If there is a problem at the school, be ready for the teachers and administrators to accuse the parent first of bad parenting and not even look at the fact that they are violating civil rights by not supplying children with IEPs with the appropriate accommodations.  The teachers here have no idea what it means to make a lesson plan and adapt it to meet the needs of children.  This school claims not to care about testing, yet a few years ago, one of their best teachers was put through a public witch hunt for testing irregularities.  This school is supposed to be about teaching critical thinking, yet the model that is given to the children at this school is that you don't complain or have a different opinion than the teachers, administrators, or other parents.  Research the school yourself and see how many of their teachers actually have more than an AA from a community college and some Waldorf training.  True Waldorf teaching is about an occult philosophy which none of these parents even know about.  The parents who previously made yelp reviews only see the face painting, wooden swords, and magic wands.  They don't see the teachers yelling at kids constantly, the make-shift committees created to drum up diversity and then dropped as soon as three families of color enroll, and how some friends of OCS parents "magically" get in through
the lottery on their first try.  Uh-hmmm. 

Posted March 31, 2013

a fairly dysfunctional school that bored our daughter. The level of education was somewhat better than the local public schools but lacks the spark that a great school has. Wasn't very responsive to the needs of our child and suffered from being a bit formula driven. —Submitted by a parent
Posted August 13, 2012
My daughter attended Ocean Charter school for 2 1/2 years. Her first year was overall a fairly successful and happy transition, which thereafter began to go downhill as my daughter become the object of bullying, which was ignored by the teacher and staff, or which my daughter was blamed for causing. Her last year, was an absolutely horrible experience for our entire famiily, most of the teachers for her 6th grade year were new to the school and inept in the Waldorf method, and incapable of controlling the students. My family and family friends had to band together to ensure my daughter spent as little time on campus as possible, without one of us there to monitor to do our best that she not come home in tears, why the reaction of the staff and teachers was "all 6th grade girls get teased." I eventually reported the bullying to L.A. Unified, which seemed to make them take the matter a bit more seriously. My daughter attended a different school for 7th and 8th grade - where she is an A & B student, gifted athlete, and surrounded by friends. Ocean Charter was the problem! Notably, the child who bullied my daughter the most, was the child of a teacher at the school. hmmmm......
—Submitted by a parent

Posted April 18, 2012
OCS has the potential to be a wonderful school. The teachers are (for the most part) excellent and loving, but the administration is incompetent and dishonest. OCS has lost so many excellent teachers because of the lack of support from their admin. Most of the parents are lovely, but the few bad apples make everyone's life miserable. Administration gives into their demands and teachers are unable to do their jobs effectively. It's difficult to create a nurturing environment for children when the teachers are stressed out and unhappy. If you are looking for a stable environment for your children, OCS is not the place. A change in administration is much needed and a better system for dealing with the ridiculous parents who believe their child can do no wrong. The school has wonderful curriculum and passionate's a shame that all of that becomes lost in the hands of incapable leaders.

Posted April 12, 2012

My son went to eighth grade at Ocean Charter. It was an awful experience for us, his teacher was incredibly inept. If there is a problem, the staff blame the student for anything that is less than satisfactory. The special ed is especially lacking.
—Submitted by a parent

TWR: Next, the review apologizing for the lack of black kids (but hey, we have
English, Irish, Polish, even Asian kids... same thing, right?)

Posted January 29, 2010 - I am so sorry to hear that last review. It is true
that OCS doesn't have the number of African American children and Hispanic
children that is reflective of Los Angeles, but my daughter's class has children
whose parents are from Asia, England, Ireland, there is diversity in
a sense. Plus, we have the most active diversity committee ever. They are
reaching out to the community. All who get into OCS get in through a lottery
system so it is not like the school itself controls who gets in. I have found
the school truly wonderful. I love that the school stresses the importance of
play and homework is not assigned until 2nd or 3rd grade, yet test scores are
among the highest of all comparative schools.

Posted February 1, 2010 - It's too bad they don't use a lottery and factor in
race (like the magnet schools) to get a hetergeneous community w/in the
classroom. You can have diversity committees all you want, but if children are
not mixing with different races on a daily basis inside the classroom walls,
then the school is not walking the talk.

Posted February 6, 2010 - I think that there is a large difference between the
lower grades and the upper ones at Ocean. While I really like the 'whole child'
approach in the younger grades, the upper grades suffer from the lack of rigor
in the academics. The upper grades are well behind other schools in mathematics
and writing, and they rarely do such basic things as book reports. Considering
this continues through the 8th grade, the students are seriously disadvantaged
when they move on to the high school level. While I will agree that parent
involvement is high, the parent body (and students as well) are very cliquish.
In addition, while they mean well, the parents are completely disorganized.
Events such as field trips or even day trips are always thrown haphazardly
together at the last minute, or cancelled due to lack of planning.

Posted March 18, 2010 - The school is not orriented, or particularly friendly or
accepting, of dual-parent working households, or single-parent working
households. Parents who cannot spend as much time on campus or at school events,
or donate as much time and money, are ostracized by this cliqueish 'community'
and that trickles down to the way students are treated and treat each other. The
school espouses to have liberal, child-friendly values, but in practice is
elitist and unwelcoming. My child will not return next year.

Posted June 4, 2010 - From initial observations, Ocean Charter School is a
wonderful place for learning, most especially in the younger grades. But upon a
closer review of the school organization, the administration, faculty and
community meetings, and the relationships among the students, one begins to
observe some major problems within this charter school organization. To begin
with, the administrtative team of Mrs. Stephanie and Mrs. Kristy (neither of
whom possess proper Admin. Credentials), have a gross reputation of incompetence
among the faculty . These two self-empowered individuals blatantly disguise
their ineptitude with smiles and other deceitful pleasantries. One egregious
example is the fact that new teachers are not provided with a school handbook
with accountable policies about the curriculum and for professional evaluations.
As a result, the Administration operates under a very non-transparent screen
that allows them to make decisions with no managerial oversight or
accountability. Look closely & you'll be sadly surprised.

Posted September 9, 2010 - I would really like to hear someone speak to the fact
that the parents of so many returning 6th graders have chosen to leave Ocean
Charter this year.

Posted September 16, 2010 - Ocean Charter had great potential. When it first
opened it relied heavily on parent involvement, not just for their own
children's experience but for the development of the school. Teachers and
parents working together to actually create a school--just what the charter
movement is about. The current board chair and administrators as leaders have
hidden everything with their goal of running a school with no interference from
anyone. With them at the helm, parents have no voice but are only asked for
money and sweat. The biggest problem is that they have no professional capacity
to run a school and the result is that every year, half the teachers leave. And
forget the middle school--no resources devoted to it and new teachers constantly
coming in.

TWR: I just love this... someone copied the school brochure as if it was a

Posted October 15, 2010 - Give me a break! That last post is verbatim what the
advertising materials of the school say. Certainly not a spontaneous parent

TWR: This review makes my point...

Posted February 24, 2011 - In reading the reviews from 2005-2009 I really must
say how great we thought the school would become but alas 50 point drop in STAR
and more then half the 6th grade left rather then suffer another year of
ineptitude, and more left at the spring/fall semester shift. The middle school
is a sinking and stinking ship with an administration that covers their
inability to lead with "concerned" nods and "smiles"and fire most of the middle
school teachers year after year.

Posted June 7, 2011 - OCS is a lovely place and there is a really nice community
here. The plants and gardens are beautiful. Parental involvement is huge for
fundraising and community events. Waldorf curriculum is gentle and loving,
although the Waldorf rituals can feel secretive. What really disappoints me
though is the lack of academic substance in the upper grades. I was told that
Waldorf starts slow in the lower grades (which I love and think is done well at
OCS) then soars past conventional schools in the upper elementary school grades,
but this is not happening at OCS. The administration is unresponsive and
unapologetic about this. I know a number of parents who are very troubled by the
slacking academics and are pulling their children out, paying for private tutors
or doing semi-home schooling because they know their children are behind and are
missing out. It's a great school if you want a nurturing, progressive community
and a beautiful school, but if your child loves to learn and you want them to
have a good, solid academic education this is not the place. Transfers out of
OCS say that their children were significantly behind. I don t know how this
warrants an 8 rating.

TWR: Even the positive reviews reveal problems:

Posted September 2, 2011 - I have 3 children at OCS and they love this school.
Just like any place it has it's issues that are mostly addressed quickly and
with passion. If you want a place that will barely watch your kids, much less
educate them, put them in just any old public school. If you are looking for a
place that has an extremely active, intelligent curriculum and incredible parent
involvement then OCS is perfect for you. OCS has had their fair share of
administrative problems in the past. There always seems to be one or two very
intense and often irrational parents that have nothing better to do than
complain about the little things that bug them about various administrators or
teachers. The majority of the parents, though, truly admire the efforts of the
school administration. I just think that an alternative school such as OCS tends
to attract very passionate and opinionated parents who think the school is
something that it is not. Again it's not for everybody. You know what's best for
your family. We have been through quite a lot of ups and downs with this school
yet we feel very fortunate to have discovered it.

TWR: Love these next two...

Posted November 16, 2011 - lovely school...if you are rich. don't go if you're
not!!!!! the principal told a homeless mom 'have a nice vacation". pretty sure
homelessness is not a vacation!

Posted November 19, 2011 - What is the last poster talking about? Homelessness
is like a permanent vacation. Seriously, though, do you think the principal
would tell other families, "Have a nice vacation." And, then, point to the
homeless mom and say, "Oh, you poor dear. Good luck to you finding a home over
the holiday." Give me a break.

It's clear that Ocean Charter School is going the route of independent Waldorf
schools. Once again, problematic former Highland Hall teachers are listed on
the faculty, and of course our friend Joan Jaeckel serves on the board.

TWRPublic charter schools have to make their meeting minutes public. Let's have a
peek at Ocean Charter School's, shall we?

TWRLooks like there was, indeed, a mass exodus:\

Enrollment is below the current OCS 2011-2012 budget by 40 students which is
approximately $5,000 per student loss of ADA, however, our higher ADA percentage
to date of approximately 96% versus budgeted 95% could help alleviate part of
the loss if attendance continues at that rate.

TWRAny chance of a normal public school teacher working at this charter school?\

*MOTION: "OCS will require that all of its class teachers be Waldorf-certified."
Motion passed.

TWRThe loss of students is taking its toll:\

Despite the additional students enrolled for the 2011-
2012 school year, the cash we will be funded through January 2012 is based on
our 2010-2011 Average Daily Attendance (ADA), thus furthering our need to rely
on cash surplus until funding levels are adjusted to actual enrollment.

A revised loss of $45,000 is forecasted through 2011-2012 fiscal year-end,
primarily based on lower student ADA and increased Special Education costs.

TWRDiversity? No rush. Let's take a little time to think about this:\

*Discussion on Title I for Enrollment Lottery
Title I refers to families who are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch, based on
income levels. Besides honoring our mission and vision to "…educate children in
a multi-cultural, urban environment…", "…informed by the Waldorf educational
implementing a Title I preference could be critical for our Walgrove RFP and
Charter Renewal. [Board member] strongly believes that a Title I preference is
necessary to show how we will serve the community in our RFP, and having our
charter renewed for
another five years, as it would reflect our commitment to improve our current
lack of diversity. OCS would need to provide services such as Free and Reduced
breakfast and lunch as well as before and after school care. Providing before
and after care services for
Title I students would be an additional OCS expense, however, we can be
reimbursed for the meals. [Board member] clarified that 20% of OCS students
already qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch. OCS would not be eligible for Title
I funding until at least 40% of our students qualify.

[Board member] shared that during her Diversity outreach efforts, she found many
minority families interested in the OCS educational philosophy but discouraged
by their lottery odds.

Board members discussed the costs of services to support Title I students, the
potential impact on Annual Family Giving, and overall volunteerism. Many
expressed a concern about implementing the preference this year, when we have
increased class size by eight
students, and questioned why it needed to be done so quickly. Board members
asked how the Title I preference would fall in the order of existing
preferences, and would like to hear a plan made with the faculty to support
these new students and their families.

TWRRemember, they need 40% of students in Title I to qualify for state money.\

*MOTION: that the Board adopt the following resolution:
The OCS Board of Trustees resolves that the following shall be given preference
for admission to OCS:
1. Children of school faculty and staff (not to exceed 10% of openings)
2. Children of board members (not to exceed 10% of remaining openings)
3. Siblings of enrolled students (no cap)
4. Title I eligible students (not to exceed 42% of remaining openings)
5. Residents of LAUSD (no cap)
Preferences shall be given in the above order. The preference for Title I
eligible students shall remain in place until the percentage of Title I eligible
students meets or exceeds 42% of total OCS enrollment.

There's more here:


A rising number of California parents are choosing to send their children to kindergarten without routine vaccinations, putting hundreds of elementary schools in the state at risk for outbreaks of childhood diseases eradicated in the U.S. years ago.

A Times analysis found other concentrations on the Westside, the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the central Orange County coast, and in the southern San Fernando Valley.

At Ocean Charter School in Del Rey, near Marina del Rey, 40% of kindergartners entering school last fall and 58% entering the previous year were exempted from vaccines, the highest rates in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Administrators at the school said the numbers did not surprise them. The nontraditional curriculum, they said, draws well-educated parents who tend to be skeptical of mainstream beliefs.

"They question traditional knowledge and feel empowered to make their own decisions for their families, not deferring to traditional wisdom," said Assistant Director Kristy Mack-Fett.


Mar Vista -  May 3, 2012
Ocean Charter turns to its neighbors to help rally support in bid on proposed charter school site at Walgrove 
On July 23, Ocean Charter parents fanned out in the surrounding neighborhoods of Mar Vista to make their case for acquiring the space on a campus where they colocate with the elementary school. “As you may or may not know, LAUSD has put our north campus site up for grabs for any charter school that’s interested. They will be issuing a request for proposal in the next week or so to interested schools and will be voting on who gets the site just days after those proposals are turned in,” Gary Adler, a parent of two Ocean Charter children, wrote in an email. “A small task force of motivated parents has been formed to unify us in our proposal and our community outreach.

Karen Wolfe, a Venice resident who transferred her son from Ocean Charter this year, thinks it may be a case of too little too late to garner a great deal of community support for the school.

“It would be an impressive feat if they were able to get the neighbors to support (them in the land lease bid),” asserted Wolfe, whose daughter will be attending fourth grade in September at the Walgrove campus. “There have been authentic, meaningful opportunities for them to have done this years ago, and it would be a real shift from the ‘us vs. them’ mentality that has been pervasive there for years.”

TWR: Looks like my blog post for Ocean Charter School appeared JUST IN TIME!

Ocean Charter Ignores problems - Removes critical comments from blog - Can't get along with neighbors

There is so much unsaid on this blog; it's like a typical Ocean Charter meeting. First, it's run by an Ocean Charter parent, James Brennan. That disclosure seems important. Also, OCS parents are taking acception to neighbors "taking it upon themselves to post negative comments about OCS. This is a public process and that's not a comfortable setting for OCS.
Lance, your comments are obviously sincere but you don't mention that you, like dozens of OCS parents, withdrew your children from OCS after 5th grade. The community is looking for an alternative MIDDLE school. OCS should at least demonstrate an ability to do a respectable job of being a middle school. But it fails by numerous measures and before millions of dollars in resources are given away by the district, it's important to evaluate their track record and not just whether their kids are polite to neighbors.
The school leadership has ignored serious, documented problems with the middle school year after year and it does a disservice to the public discourse to fail to acknowledge that at a time when OCS is asking for substantial public resources. I wish OCS had dealt with those matters in meetings with OCS parents, but now it's relevant to this broader community discussion. 1)OCS misrepresents the situation by claiming in their neighborhood flier "steadily rising test scores in the range of 855 to 896 for years 2009 and 2010." The test scores DROPPED from 896 to 855. Even if test scores are not the only indicator of academic achievement, I have yet to find ANY westside school that has failed on that scale. 2)OCS lost nearly half their teachers last year. That would be scandalous at most schools. 3)OCS claims to do a good job with special education. TRUTH: Many families of students with special needs have been counseled out, even those that are cheerleading this RFP. 4)OCS has couched severe budget cuts as just another school facing budget cuts. But an entire 7th grade class was eliminated for next year because so many students withdrew, including mine midyear. That lost revenue surely has an impact on OCS's overall budget.
Ocean Charter could be using this public process as a reason to clean house. Instead they're spinning information to make it look like they're the best candidate, and showing no indication that they'll fix things. But no amount of spin can take away the actual track record of a school that's been open for 7 years.
Finally, OCS--and lots of charter parents--would do well to recognize that while we were reforming outside the system, plenty of teachers, administrators and parents were reforming from within our public schools. Rather than begging the neighborhood to come and visit OCS, OCS parents should be visiting other neighborhood schools. You might be very surprised!

Ocean Charters proposed plan would create an even worse traffic nightmare for the residents by adding an additional 500 students (k-8). I know they saying that they only have 350 students but the proposal by lausd is for 500 seats so once that site is finished they will most certainly fill it and if they do not then lausd can fill it with another charter school (according to prop 39 and it's amendments). Walgrove will also still be subject to co-locating with another charter as lausd is required by law to offer any available space to all charters who apply, which could mean 3 schools being housed on that campus. After the free standing classrooms come down next year per a state mandated law there will still be 3 classrooms available. A charter only needs 80 kids to apply and be offered space.
OC supporters are going around the neighborhood now trying to get a petition signed and telling people that their poor students will not have a place to go in a year if they do not win this proposal. Seriously? That is ridiculous! Everyone knows it will take at least 3 years to build and if they do not have a back up plan for where they are going after next year then how do they expect parents to have any faith in their abilities to run a school?
I, and many of my neighbors, are adamantly opposed to any charter school being built on that campus at all. It is demeaning for the students of Walgrove having to look over at a brand new campus while their own campus still needs work. I do not agree with our taxes being spent on building a new school while our neighborhood schools still need so much work. Lets upgrade what we've got first and make our current schools better.
It's much easier for lausd to sit back and collect the rent from the charters rather than make the effort needed to make necessary changes. That's why there are now more charters in lausd than other school system in the country. It's not time to give up our schools to charters, it's time for change.
Read about the high turnover rates at charter schools in the newest LA Times article here: They are not without problems either.

I understand that we are both public schools and I hope for the best for your school, but I do take issue with the fact that OCS is sending out press releases that tout the great relationship between Walgrove and Ocean Charter.  I find this disingenuous.  I believe that the majority of children, parents, staff and teachers would characterize our relationship as poor.  In fact, I know several OCS parents that would do the same.  To give examples such as a reading program that has not existed in years, a garden where OSC has half and Walgrove has half, a breakfast that happened once in 5 years, etc is stretching the truth at best.  To say that Ocean Charter parents can't help double parking because you have to enter through one gate is false.  There is plenty of parking on the street that you enter (appleton way) and Walgrove parents do not double park on Morningside and we enter through a gate on that street.  To say that there will be LESS traffic by adding 200+ students is a bit of an odd argument.
I would be happy to meet with you so that you can explain how OCS is going to do it better next time, but it is not me that you have to convince.  You have to convince the rest of Walgrove's children, teachers, parents, staff and neighbors. I would love for OCS to be better neighbors, but first you have to own the fact that OSC has not been a good partner in the past.
If not me, please listen to the Walgrove first grade teacher that emailed me.  Read it and take it to heart.

here is an email that I received from one of the teachers at Walgrove...
Thanks Troy for keeping us informed! The OCS claims of collaboration through their existence at Walgrove is pure B.S. and could easily be debunked by all the Walgrove staff. I personally have been disrespected by their students many times and never acknowledged by any of their staff! To the point where I felt unsafe during my pregnancy because I almost go knocked down several times by their students that always run through common shared areas! We get also get mocked by their students when we try to speak to them. Their whole claim of "buddy reading across grade levels" was done with Zeena's class maybe for 2yrs, not with anyone else. You could go up to every Walgrove teacher and find out for yourself within seconds. The whole garden thing... they have their area and we have ours. We don't do anything together with that. We are forced to share the space and that's it, same with the auditorium. We have bent over backwards when they've needed it during our scheduled time but they're always rude when we need it. Ugh.... Ok I'll stop because you know all of this and I know I'm preaching to the choir. I just really wanted to personally thank you for all your efforts and support of our school. I do appreciate everything you do!!!!

As a parent of two children that attend Walgrove Elementary I have to say that our relationship with Ocean Charter is strained at best. There is little collaboration between the schools and a lot of animosity. Both Walgrove students and teachers find them rude. Ocean charter also has a terrible relationship with the neighbors because of traffic problems that they cause. When confronted with complaints they made excuses and did not change their behavior. Now they want to build a new building and are suddenly concerned with us? I have nothing against their school, but I am hoping that they will no longer be our neighbors.


You may ask, "where are all the 5=Star reviews?" Well, the problem with those reviews is that many tend not to be too honest. I have included 4-star reviews that appear honest. Often, gushing reviews are placed by teachers and administrators - as some comments here indicate. "This school educates the whole child!!!" - 5 stars - by Anonymous... I say baloney! Notice, many of the reviewers have been misled by Waldorf and are still buying the PR, even after having been disappointed. Feel free to comment but understand the intent of this blog. Comments are no longer moderated.