Saturday, June 9, 2012

Waldorf Scars - 8 weeks lasts 23 years

"My experience at that Waldorf School lasted only 8 weeks, but still 23 years
later, I remember it like it was yesterday. I left my student teaching position
there confused and angry. How could anything so beautiful to look at, be so
deceiving? I hated Waldorf and my stomach turned whenever it was mentioned even
casually at a party. When people spoke of how kind, how multi-modality, how
integrated, how beautiful, …. My blood pressure rose. At first I tried to
explain what I knew to be the truth, but no one would listen."

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You may ask, "where are all the 5=Star reviews?" Well, the problem with those reviews is that many tend not to be too honest. I have included 4-star reviews that appear honest. Often, gushing reviews are placed by teachers and administrators - as some comments here indicate. "This school educates the whole child!!!" - 5 stars - by Anonymous... I say baloney! Notice, many of the reviewers have been misled by Waldorf and are still buying the PR, even after having been disappointed. Feel free to comment but understand the intent of this blog. Comments are no longer moderated.