Friday, March 22, 2013

Alderbridge School

Gill P.
14 March 2013
Not a good or positive experience

Alder Bridge is a Steiner Waldorf school which claims to offer an alternative and creative style to education. What parents are not told is that a religion called 'anthroposophy' (invented by Rudolph Steiner over 100 years ago) underpins everything that is said and done here. Some people may not be comfortable with his beliefs or approaches to education.

It's my suggestion prospective parents MUST research this subject thoroughly, by looking at websites, such as Waldorf Watch, Waldorfcritics and Quackometer, written and contributed to by people with first-hand knowledge of these schools.

I wish I had found this out before sending my child to this school as it was not a good or positive experience. Having realised this, it cost over £1,500 to pay for intensive private tutoring to get my child up to a reasonable educational standard in order to return her to a mainstream school - even though she is naturally very bright she was placed a year below her peers because she was so far behind academically.

Overall my child hated the experience of going there and was frustrated by the slow pace of learning and style of teaching, I also had concerns over some of the festivals, including St John's fire jumping!!

However, this style of school may suit some children.

In my opinion, this school is not in a good state of repair, most of the maintenance to the buildings and grounds is funded and carried out by parents in their spare time

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