Thursday, December 27, 2012

Waldorf Mocks Bullying

In this mockery of the serious problem of bullying, something Waldorf schools are famous for, master Waldorf teacher, Eugene Schwartz, explains how children bullying each other are like kittens playing.  Children need not be protected from bullying - according to Waldorf.  Do you find this attitude comforting?


  1. we left our school because of bullying / abusive behavior that was not addressed despite many complaints. the child was one of the "favored" and wasn't held accountable which is just incredible in this day and age. how will allowing this negative behavior service any child who is being bullied, the bully or observing the bullying and seeing it is allowd! bat &$@? CRAZY. We are so glad we're out of that dysfunctional situation.

  2. The utter and complete arrogance of the man! similar to B. River's attitude whom we found to be quite the hypocrite re: the whole compassionate campus rhetoric. How insensitive and disrespectful to the mother who wrote the letter to mock her concerns and try to 'equate' the complex emotions of a human with those predatory instincts of 'play' of an animal, no matter how cute; and to the many, many who have suffered 'bullying' in all its forms at these schools. The parents who attempt to stand up to this "arrogant mentality of 'we know best' are subject to retaliation and ostracized. Talk about Conformity!!! There is no freedom of thought, it is the Waldorf Way or the highway. Very scary, we are so glad to out of it! Keep up the good fight!


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