Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Erase your Life!

Gerard MacIntosh admitted to several bizarre incidents of professional misconduct while teaching Grade 8 students at Vancouver Waldorf School in North Van during the 2013-14 year, according to a Teacher Regulation Branch discipline agreement. The branch’s disclosure of the deal didn’t identify the school, however, The Province confirmed the incidents with school administrators took place there.
In one incident, according to the agreement, MacIntosh admitted he badly upset a girl who had been diagnosed with autism when she asked him for an eraser in class.
He held out a pocket knife in front of a group of students and told the girl, “Here, use this to erase your life.”

A former North Vancouver elementary school teacher and principal was suspended this week after he told one student to erase her life with a pocket knife and told others he had dressed for Halloween as a pedophile.  Gerard MacIntosh taught at an independent school where he made the comments during the 2013-14 year, according to a discipline agreement released this week by the province's Teacher Regulation Branch.MacIntosh had been teaching grade eight students in early 2014, when a student asked him for an eraser, according to the agreement.  In front of other students, MacIntosh held out a pocket knife and told the student – who had been diagnosed with autism - “here, use this to erase your life,” according to the agreement.  In a separate incident, a student asked the teacher if he was going to wear a costume at a Halloween party for grade seven and eight pupils.  “MacIntosh replied that he was already in costume, as he was dressed up as a pedophile,” read the agreement.  MacIntosh was also reprimanded for a third incident that happened when his grade eight students were to visit a grade 11 class. According to the agreement, he told the elder pupils he would bet money that a particular grade eight student would "say something stupid like ‘how do you get laid in Grade 9’?” - or words to that effect.  The school placed MacIntosh on paid leave in May.  He told some parents he was on leave because of some of his students.  And he told some of his students that he was on leave because of the pupil to whom he had held out the pocket knife, according to the agreement.
MacIntosh was teaching at the Vancouver Waldorf School at the time the incidents happened, confirmed Victoria Restrepo, a business manager for the Vancouver Waldorf School.  "We immediately began an internal investigation and reported it to the BC Teacher Regulation Branch Review Board,” said Restrepo in a written statement. "Our first priority is, and always will be, the health and safety of the children at our school."
Apparently the health and safety of the children wasn't the school's priority as there were three separate incidents with this person.

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  1. Anyone who has the whole child in mind would not send their child to the vancouver waldorf school. After those bizarre incidences there, it continues to have misconduct with students and destroy the whole child. This school is a snakes nest. This school is not Waldorf.

  2. Anyone who has the whole child in mind would not send their child to the vancouver waldorf school. After those bizarre incidences there, it continues to have misconduct with students and destroy the whole child. This school is a snakes nest. This school is not Waldorf.

    1. All Waldorf schools are snake nests. Denying this truth does not help the children. If you read the Steiner philosophy and the Waldorf teacher training information, it becomes very clear what this cult is about. Open your eyes. The cover-up in these schools is a constant practice.

  3. There is much more to see here. When Waldorf teachers get into trouble they are quickly shipped off to another school in another country. This is a world wide organization with schools in all continents. In the Vancouver W. school, where G. Macintosh was caught (btw he is an alcoholic and often taught after having a few beers for lunch), another teacher W.W. who regularly physically and mentally punished students was quickly sent to Costa Rica to help start a new school. Another teacher P.T., a former priest, had a few problems with students and staff, trying to seduce them (the female student that reported this left the school and he was never reprimanded). Another teacher who enjoyed looking at young girls' breast and pulling their t-shirts down, also moved quickly to South Africa Waldorf school when students complained to their parents and other teachers. Another teacher E.M. lied about everything continually and constantly found victims to abuse, a real psychopath. Lying is their favorite tool, blaming parents who complain is a typical tactic to shut them up. They tell parents that everything is perception, and complaints are perceptions. However, only the Waldorf staff perceptions are accurate. Personal attacks and slander soon follows. Laws are not for them, they do as they will. This organization protects their own and they make the victims the guilty ones. And don't get me started about the charities and fund-raisers, usually this never goes to the named cause.

    1. EM= Elaine McKee
      PT= Philip Thatcher
      WW= Weit Wilderman
      David Hesketh went to South Africa.

    2. Those faculty and staff members who do speak up, act honestly and try to hold everyone, including themselves accountable, get badly treated and often get booted out. It happens in many Waldorf schools.

  4. Patrick Charles Pritchard Lilley was arrested in Feb 2010 on 3 counts of child molestation. He had been a teacher at Woodland Star Charter School.
    He has now lives in Cape Town, South Africa and goes by the name of Patrick Pritchard. He attends social dance classes here and of course no one knows about his past! He has relationships with single mothers of young children (as pedophiles are wont to do).
    He has free access to children here. I would be grateful if anyone with more information about him would contact me.

  5. Denis McCarthy has gone to a Steiner School in India! He was sacked for safeguarding reasons. " Mr McCarthy was dismissed in January 2017 for Gross Misconduct, following a series of concerns about safeguarding "

  6. After visiting a different Waldorf school, we decided not to enroll our kids. Now we see their 30th year anniversary symbols on everything from web pages, kids shirts, napsacks, car stickers, magnets and it just makes my blood boil. The 0 in 30 is the fbi published pedophile symbol.


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